This is Me

Hello there!

I’m Dina Blazevic, originally from Croatia, but made Malaysia my home since 1997.

Health has become my passion a few years ago as I discovered more on how our bodies work and what we need to do to keep healthy and avoid the diseases. I practice holistic health on my clients, with the use of food and natural supplements as well as treatments I help my clients achieve optimum health.

Shuang Hor Distributor

I am official distributer for Shuang Hor for since 2011. Over the years I have seen amazing health improvements in my health and the health of my clients using lingzhi (Ganoderma) and other Shuang Hor products.

I have a Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma and have done years of research into how to prevent certain diseases and how to reverse damage already done to our health. I assist people in finding the diet, lifestyle, and supplements that best work for them to achieve optimum health. These are products which I have tested and have helped me and my family and friends greatly and I want more people to be aware that these alternative, natural ways are very effective and safe.

Me and my adorable baby Lara

I’m also a dedicated mother to two amazing children and they are also a big reason behind my holistic approach as I want them to grow up healthy and happy. Since they were babies I’ve been giving them Shuang Hor products and I must say their immune system, digestion, and overall health has been amazing.

Interested in the Products or Joining My Team?

Please feel free to contact me any time for any additional information or any topic which you would like to know more information about and I will do my best to assist you in any way possible. Also if you are interested in the products or to become a distributor for Shuang Hor products please contact me.

Enjoy my blog and stay healthy!


2 thoughts on “This is Me

  1. Nyi Nyi Lwin

    Thanks you very much Dina. I have benefited by your blog. I am learning the products of Double Crane. For my family, my wife and 3 sons, the products of Double Crane are very good. Now my wife is working in Double Crane full time. I am now working in a technical company in Yangon. My wife is now Vice Manager in Double Crane. I learn your blog and translate to Myanmar language. I share what I learn to my wife and to others. They also have benefited. Thank you Dina and your family.


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