“After consuming lingzhi for several years, I no longer have osteoporosis, cholesterol, high blood pressure or high glucose level problem.”

Mdm Tan

“With the history of health problem I was still able to safely go through menopause, I strongly believe that lingzhi has done a wonders to my life.”

Mdm Shi (69 yrs old)

“Vitaking has completely eliminated my knee pain after only 1 month consumption. I was able to resume my golf and avoided operation.”

Mr Zoran Djumic (64 years old)

“After consuming Lingzhi I was able to gain back her strength much faster after each chemo-treatment and able to go back to work. On top of that, my platelet reading is ok and I was able to complete the chemo treatment within 3 months.”

Miss Zheng Mei Feng (63 years old)

“After consuming CEO Coffee 3in1, with linghzi, my blood sugar levels went down. I’m on insulin with very high readings.”

Mdn Dragica (60 years old)

“Lactoberry helped my daughter control her constipation. With daily usage of 2-3 sachets, her constipation problem was eliminated.”

Mr Guok DC