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How much water do you really need?

The other day I came across an interesting article about relation between health and the amount of water you drink. The research was based on Japanese culture and the fact that majority of Japanese women are rather fit and healthy. Of course their diet is one of the reasons for this, however they also discovered… Continue reading How much water do you really need?

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Vitamin Toxicity

During the latest nutrition course that I've been taking I've┬álearnt more about vitamin toxicity (aka hypervitaminosis). As the name suggests it basically means you have an overdose of a certain vitamin and believe it or not this can cause a lot of damage to your body. In US there is around 60,000 cases of vitamin… Continue reading Vitamin Toxicity

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Face Reading

Recently I've been interested to find out more about what kind of problems you can diagnose by looking at someone's face. This is an ancient Chinese tradition and it has also been implemented in the Western medicine. However, a lot of it is being neglected and doctors don't use this technique often enough. Now days,… Continue reading Face Reading