Yung Kien Pollen


Major constituent: 100% Bee Pollen


  • The nutrients found in Yung Kien Pollen can be broadly classified into 3 categories, namely amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Among them all, the B group vitamins are so abundant that they are many times more than those of other Pollen products.
  • More than 200 vitamins, minerals, enzymes and co-enzymes
  • As Pollen features a full spectrum of nutrients, it is aptly known as the “Complete Food” that allows you to replenish all the nutrients your body needs to build a strong bodily resistance.
  • Yung Kien Pollen is formulated through the most stringent technological processes using selected pollen grains of the highest grade.
  • With its superior attributes in terms of colour, aroma, taste, and flavour, it certainly is a perfect choice for all age groups.
  • It is free from the fishy smell and sandy taste commonly associated with most of the Pollen products, thus boasting a quality in a class of its own.


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