Jia Hor Fibre


Major constituents: A combination of various natural dietary fibres (water-soluble and insoluble), vitamins, minerals and Lingzhi.


  • Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin originates from natural starch, a highly versatile health food component for fortification purposes. It does not interfere with the absorption of calcium and various mineral nutrients, along with a high level of intake safety and low caloric content. It has been awarded with 4 accreditations, namely regulating bowel functions, maintaining healthful blood glucose level, reducing serum cholesterol level, and reducing serum triglycerides level.
  • Dietary fibres aid in eliminating the toxins accumulated in the body, enhancing the peristaltic movements of the intestinal tract, while at the same time facilitating bowel movements, thereby preventing constipation.
  • Dietary fibres are capable of giving a sense of fullness, reducing calories intake, and thereby achieving the effect of weight-control.
  • Its tasty lemon flavour and mild-in-action formulation make it suitable for everyday consumption.


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