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How to reduce stress; and it’s not meditation

Chronic and extreme stress is something I suffered from often in the past so it is very personal for me. I'm sure you've heard stress being blamed for many different health issues. However, many people just believe stress is part of life and there is nothing we can do about it. Most likely majority of… Continue reading How to reduce stress; and it’s not meditation

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Hormone Imbalance

Being a hypothyroid patient I know a bit about hormone imbalance. However it is quite a complex topic as it can cause so many different health problems in many areas in our body. The symptoms of hormonal imbalance are in many cases overlooked and only small amount of hormone imbalance can cause some serious health… Continue reading Hormone Imbalance

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True Meaning of Success

This is a bit off my usual health topics, but I've been thinking about this a lot lately; have we lost our values while climbing to the top. I remember when I first got to Malaysia, almost 18 years ago, everybody was very kind and helpful to each other. You could see people smiling all… Continue reading True Meaning of Success