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Your period doesn’t have to hurt

I grew up thinking that some women simply have painful periods and there is nothing to do about it. I remember in my college days, the pain used to be debilitating and nothing much would help. Many of my friends and colleagues would go through awful pain, dizziness and even migraine to the extend that… Continue reading Your period doesn’t have to hurt

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TESTIMONIES: Lingzhi & Menopause

Lingzhi regulates three major systems “Nervous-Endocrine-Immune” and reduces the complications related to menopause. In a publication by China Clinical and Anatomy Magazine: Lingzhi will not improve the level of estrogen (or female sex hormone) for menopause woman, it help in other aspects. Lingzhi helps in reducing the effect of atrophying endometrium due to menopause Lingzhi helps… Continue reading TESTIMONIES: Lingzhi & Menopause

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How is your mental health?

Just the other day one of my friends mentioned a case of this friend of his who is going through some depression issues. Immediately I thought lingzhi can help! After I suggested it to my friend, he gave me that look "you think lingzhi can help with everything" 🙂 I know it sounds unbelievable that… Continue reading How is your mental health?

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What is in your detergents?

In my quest to create as toxic free environment as possible in my house, I have also replaced all my detergents with the bio enzyme, natural and chemicals free ones. Not only are they safe for my daughter (who still puts everything in her mouth), but they are also safe for the environment and don't… Continue reading What is in your detergents?

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Hormone Imbalance

Being a hypothyroid patient I know a bit about hormone imbalance. However it is quite a complex topic as it can cause so many different health problems in many areas in our body. The symptoms of hormonal imbalance are in many cases overlooked and only small amount of hormone imbalance can cause some serious health… Continue reading Hormone Imbalance