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Amazing benefits in just one cup of coffee

It all started with this cup of coffee for me. My friend's mother in law came across this CEO Café one day and saw amazing benefits just after consuming one cup. Even though my friend lives half across the world from me, they managed to get their hands on this coffee which apparently was made in… Continue reading Amazing benefits in just one cup of coffee

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Why I choose these supplements?

As the market is flooded with all sorts of supplements and products to improve your health and address one health issue or another. Often people are unable to make a decision as it is overwhelming, especially if you don't know much about how your body reacts to different supplements and what is really necessary for… Continue reading Why I choose these supplements?

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Cleanse your body with this amazing tea

Tea is not only something to be consumed when you are sick, it should be enjoyed on a regular basis. When I was first introduced to Lu Chun Lingzhi Plus Tea, I was told it had the same effect as soap has when washing a dirty and oily drain. Basically if you wash a drain… Continue reading Cleanse your body with this amazing tea

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Antioxidants against Free Radicals

I'm sure you have come across the term antioxidant before, in fact it is used quite often these days especially in the context of anti-aging. I've recently looked a bit deeper into what this actually means and what these free radicals do to our bodies. There are many different theories about free radical damage, so… Continue reading Antioxidants against Free Radicals