My Holistic Health Journey

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis at first I didn’t think of it as such a big deal. I simply started consuming the medicine prescribed by the doctor and went for a check up every 6 months. My main concern at that time was wether I will be able to get pregnant as I was newly married and always wanted to have kids. As the time went on I started studying health and how different medication affects your health. What I learnt very early on was the fact that thyroid medicine doesn’t really help to repair the thyroid, but only fixes the blood test results.

I felt rather helpless at the time as there was nothing much I could do, since my body was “attacking itself” and medicine seemed the only option. As I went deeper and continued my Holistic Health journey, I realised there are ways to reverse the thyroid function. At first I only tried it with supplements and my symptoms improved dramatically, however I was still afraid to stop the medication. After having both of my children I started experiencing some allergy symptoms and had an awfully annoying cough which the doctors couldn’t really pinpoint why it was happening. By this time I was ready to try changing further my diet and lifestyle in order to get rid of the thyroid medication and I was hoping at the same time I could get rid of my persistent cough.

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Elimination Diet

By this time I understood how food affects our body and what are the causes of inflammation and allergies so I decided to eliminate all the foods that could be causing the allergies. My doctor wasn’t very familiar with all this, but told me to try it out and let him know how it goes. After studying for so many years how the foods works I was convinced once I change my diet the problem will stop. True enough within a few weeks of eliminating certain foods my cough was completely gone, just like that. After suffering for more than a year, it was gone without the use of any medication.

By this time I felt so much better and continued living without all those inflammatory foods, at the same time I stopped my thyroid medication. Besides the diet I was taking Yung Kien Ganoderma 2 (YK2) as well as Bee Pollen and Lactoberry (probiotics). The reason why I was on YK2 was because it is proved to help with autoimmune problems as it stops your body from over reacting.

Mental Health

As I was going through this healing journey I knew how important mental health is in order to see drastic health improvements. I decided to change certain aspects of my life which I knew were causing very excessive stress to me. At the same time I started practicing more yoga and meditation and most importantly I realised I needed to learn how to manage stress on a daily basis. Consciously I learned what to do when stressful situations did arise and with practice it became a part of my life.

Now I coach my clients on different ways to reduce stress in their lives. As most of us can’t live our life without some sort of stress, it is important to control how we react to those situations.

Traditional Medicine vs. Modern Medicine

Through my Holistic Health training I have gained a lot of knowledge on how the body actually works and how to look at the person as a whole. This was quite fascinating to me as in modern medicine, usually you only focus on the existing symptoms and on the organ which is showing you the symptoms. In traditional medicine, all the organs are interconnected and we look for the original source of the health problems. Once identified, we find natural ways to reverse the damage and due to this the symptoms will disappear.

Since the traditional medicine also focuses on the mental state of the patient, it is important to work on both. By becoming healthier, you also get happier and vice versa. Emotions and moods play a very important part in our health and we must spend time to work on our mental health.

What is Holistic Health?

Holistic Health deals with the body as a whole: mind, spirit and physical health. In order to enjoy good health, it is important to pay attention to each one of these aspects.

When talking about health it is not possible to treat the problem by just focusing on one area. In Holistic Health we examine a number of factors related to each individual and we design a tailored-made program.

Some of the factors we consider when examining a person’s health are:

  • Sleeping Patterns
  • Eating habits
  • Medication used
  • Mental Health (stress management)
  • Environment
  • Physical Activity
  • Existing Medical Conditions
  • Signs and Symptoms

It is not necessary for a person to stop medication immediately as with certain medication it is not advisable to stop abruptly. Regaining the health and reversing certain conditions doesn’t happen over night and it takes patients and strong will. We as Holistic Health practitioners are there to guide you and assist you on this health journey in order to encourage you to succeed.

Are you suitable for Holistic Health Journey?

I always tell my clients, anyone who is determined to see health improvements is suitable to come on this journey. If you feel something is off and you know your body can function in a much better and efficient way, then you are the perfect candidate.

If you are experiencing any of the following:

✔️Those who feel tired a lot
✔️Trouble concentrating
✔️On long term medication
✔️High/Low Blood Pressure Patients
✔️People who are trying to lose weight
✔️Those with hormonal problems: menopause, painful periods, etc. 
✔️Those who wish to live a healthier life and prevent diseases from 

Each plan is tailor-made to suit your goals and according to your pace. I don’t believe there is a one-fit-all formula when it comes to living a healthier and happier life.

People often fear change and sacrifice of certain habits, especially when it comes to food. Here I find it is very important to design a meal plan which will work well for the client and it will achieve the results without compromising the flavour and some of their favourite things. It is all about adjusting and eliminate certain items. Meal plan should not make you hungry and miserable as that will not work in the long run.

How does Holistic Health approach work?

STEP 1 – Client Assessment

In 45 minute session I will preform an assessment of what are client’s main health issues and concerns. I will review client’s latest blood test results, if there are any, as well as the symptoms he or she is experiencing. Existing health conditions or pass health conditions should be highlighted as well as which are medications consumed (if any).

After all the necessary background, I would work out the goals that the client wants to achieve, as well as the timeline. These goals have to be realistic and achievable and they will depend on the person’s schedule and existing circumstances.

During this time I will find out as much information about my client’s existing eating and lifestyle patters. With this I will design a meal plan which is suitable as well as some activities they can do.

STEP 2 – Tailor-made Programme

During the second meeting I will go through a tailor-made programme which will focus on achieving the wanted results. It will include:

  • Meal Plan
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Activities
  • List of supplements

Once the client agrees to the program, the coaching starts. Daily encouragement as well as client assessment is preformed in order to track the progress. In many cases, during this time, the client will go through some healing reactions where the body is getting rid of the toxins and repairing the damage. This varies from person to person and reactions can vary from: diarrhoea, tiredness, heatiness, itchy skin, fever, etc. When I see these reactions in my client I know that they are on the right track with the right dosage of supplements, as well as diet changes.

When it comes to meal planning, I will customise the plan according to the abilities of the client. This will also depend on the amount of food consumed outside as well as client’s existing diet habits. Here I work closely with the client in order to make this a smooth and successful transformation. I believe it is not easy to drastically change all the habits, as long as the person is willing to take some steps.

STEP 3 – Progress Assessment

After the first two weeks I will see my client again in order to review and asses the progress. Depending on the results, I would tweak the program or encourage the person to continue.

By this time usually the healing reactions stop and the first part of the detox has been achieved. Therefore the body is ready for a deeper detox as well as repairs can start taking place. The results will depend greatly on how committed a person is and how closely they are following the program.

STEP 4 – Continued Coaching

Reversing the damage and healing your body doesn’t happen over night and we have to be patient in order to see the real results. I would say usually the clients see the first results after 1 month, however only after 3-6 months they start experiencing the real effects of the healing. For some it is easy to give up and therefore I make sure I work closely and encourage my clients all the way.

What results do you get?

After starting the program, there are two types of experience that my clients get at the beginning. One type are those who feel sudden surge of energy and feel their symptoms slowly improve. The other type are those who feel more uncomfortable than before as they are going through healing reactions. This can get very uncomfortable at first and the severity depends on the amount of toxin build up in the body.

Once the initial detox ends there are number of amazing improvements you can get:

  • Increase in energy
  • Better concentration
  • Better quality sleep
  • More focus
  • Weight loss
  • Less cravings
  • Reduction in pain (joints, headaches, etc)
  • Better bowl movements
  • Decrease period pain or no period pain
  • Reduction of hot flushes
  • Reduction in PMS
  • More stamina
  • Better mental health – feeling happier

Besides the program I design for my clients, I also teach them how to live a better and healthier life as a long term solution. Once you achieve your goals, it is important to continue maintaining a healthy diet, of course we all can have some cheat days, but once we look at food as the source of medicine the unhealthy cravings do stop. My best reward is when I see my clients avoiding all the foods which only cause damage and they start appreciating the fresh produce.

My main mission for this Holistic Health program is to see as many of my clients improve their health and at the same time become happier people. As cliche as it sounds, but happiness comes from within and trust me it is much easier to be happy once your body is functioning well. I would love to see less people on long term medication and let them understand how many healing produce we have which comes from nature. It can get very depressing to keep hearing about our loved ones falling ill, but knowing that the there are amazing natural solutions out there is very reassuring.

If you are interested in my 45-minute assessment click here to drop me a message and I would love to review your health condition. This can be done in person or through Skype.

Stay Healthy!


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