Business Opportunity Like No Other

After 10 years of running my own businesses and experiencing first hand all the issues and stress the conventional business offers, I have decided to fully embrace myself in the Shuang Hor business journey. I wanted to achieve less stress in my life and I knew that most of my stress came from constant worries and problems I had to deal with when it came to my business. No matter how much I tried to deal with it in a calm matter, somehow the problems would continuously pile up and sometimes I felt there was no way out. I’m sure most of you have been there and done that, not only as business owners but as employees as well.

I have been involved in the Shuang Hor business for the last few years on and off, but it wasn’t easy to focus while running my other company as my mind was so consumed with all the worrying. One thing I knew for sure was that whatever I do next, I didn’t want to hire people anymore as the politics and people issues was something I seriously had enough of for a long time. In Shuang Hor, I knew it was different as the people you worked with were automatically your partners so in order for everyone to succeed equal amount of effort needed to be invested.

Criteria for choosing your ideal company

So how do you choose the perfect company to work for?

  • Needs to be trustworthy
  • Must have good and effective products
  • Shouldn’t involve much investment
  • Low Risk
  • Flexible
  • No monthly stocking or expenses
  • No office politics
  • No backstabbing
  • Low Stress
  • Good values
  • Proven System
  • Great rewards

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, believe it or not, Shuang Hor covers all these criteria and more. Therefore for me, it wasn’t a difficult choice to choose this path after exiting the conventional business. From my experience, owning a conventional business involves a lot of money and therefore a lot of stress, especially if your only income is coming from there. As a business owner all the problems come to your plate and even if you have managers in charge, at the end of the day, you need to resolve issues and make important decisions.

If you are like me and have young kids, going back to being an employee is very difficult. The long hours and no flexibility would make it impossible for me to raise my kids and it is definitely not an option for me. As Shuang Hor ticked all the boxes I decided to fully embark on this journey. With the support of my upline I never felt I’m alone in this business and the support system in place is extremely helpful.

Proven System

When you are on your own starting a business, it is important to follow a proven system which works, as you might get lost and unable to focus on what needs to be done. By following your upline and proven Shuang Hor system, there is very little room for error or failure. At first, it might be difficult to let go of your previous habits and “your ways” of doing things, but once you realize that by following the simple steps, results do come quickly, you will definitely drop your old ways.

In Shuang Hor, a lot of attention is put into education, health knowledge as well as creating good values and practices to not only help others, but to help yourself become a better person. To be honest, this was my biggest attraction point. You can call me naive, but I always believed that it is possible to be ethical and fair while building your success. This was proven very difficult in the conventional business, but in Shuang Hor I found this to be true and very much possible.

Simple ways are Easily Duplicable

Shuang Hor business is not about succeeding on your own, but building a network together and succeeding as a team. This business shouldn’t be mistaken for a business of only selling the products, but as a business of building a strong team and helping other people succeed at the same time.

Because of this business model, it is important for the system to be easily duplicable. Teaching your business partners about the products and the business plan must be done in the shortest time possible and they have to be able to follow the same steps in order to educate further. In Shuang Hor, this is done in a very simple and efficient manner with a business plan model which hasn’t changed in 30 years that Shuang Hor has existed in Malaysia. Amazing right? Income, levels, bonuses and rewards have not changed all this while and have been proven to build success for many people. Not only in Malaysia, but Singapore, Taiwan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and other countries.

111 Cafe Business Plan

Last year (2018) Shuang Hor has developed a 111 Cafe Business Plan which is an even simpler way of attracting people to join the business by selling Shuang Hor’s famous CEO Cafe Coffee. The plan includes finding 1 Person/month to buy 1 box of Coffee/month for 1 Year. At the same time, you teach that person how to do the same, so they can also grow their business. After repeating this for 1 year, you will be getting an income of RM 12,280 per month. Does this sound good to you?

Again, the beauty of this plan is that the investment is the minimal RM 26 to become a Shuang Hor member and there is no stocking up, no minimum monthly spending, none of that. So far I have not come across another company offering similar business opportunity.

For more information about this plan please have a look at my video bellow.

Money, Time and Health Simultaneously

When I heard this concept of Money, Time and Health simultaneously, it seriously sounded too good to be true as I was so used to people sacrificing one or the other and therefore suffering the consequences.

Shuang Hor, however, offers you a business plan which allows you to make money with very flexible time and at the same time offering you and your friends/relatives/clients better health in order to live longer and enjoy your wealth. After embarking the Shuang Hor journey more than 5 years ago, I started learning a lot about health and this has given me a whole new perspective in life. Due to this knowledge, I was not able to continue going back to my old habits and decided to improve my diet, lifestyle and mental health. This was the time I realized you can’t leave your life and health to destiny and just hope for the best, instead, it was important to take charge and precautions in order to enjoy this life longer and with a better quality.

Of course, at the beginning of the Shuang Hor journey, you have to work hard in order to enjoy the rewards later, but the time and effort you put in is totally based on your decision. It all depends on what kind of monthly income you are looking for and how fast would you like to achieve it. Most people start this business part-time and as they start enjoying the benefits they decide to do it full time.

As far as I know this is the only business which really can offer you Money + Time + Health simultaneously. Due to the relaxed and flexible nature of this business, you can really preserve your health and by consuming the products your health improves tremendously. You start depending and relying on doctors less and start living a more natural and healthier life. As the time is extremely flexible, you get to spend more time with your family and friends. At the same time, you are able to make really good monthly income which most conventional businesses are unable to provide. On top of that, you receive free vacations, car allowance and recognition for your success.

Too Good To Be True

Many people who have previously tried different direct selling businesses have had a really bad experience in the past so this kind of model sounds too good to be true. Perhaps they needed to purchase lots of stock in order to hit targets, or they got cheated by their uplines or simply lost faith in the products offered by the company.

Shuang Hor Advantages

To most people, all this sounds too good to be true and they start to question if there is any scam or catch behind all this. In 30 years in Malaysia, Shuang Hor has a perfect track record and no unethical or unfair case reported.

Overall these years I have seen people rise up in Shuang Hor and achieve amazing success. At the same time, they also became healthier, happier and much kinder individuals. Being surrounded by these kinds of people makes this journey even more pleasurable and you don’t have to worry about anybody stabbing you in the back or cheating you in any way.

Making a Decision

So how do you make a decision to embark on the Shuang Hor journey? If the above mentioned characteristics are of value to you then the decision should be rather easy.

From my experience there are two ways to start this business:

A) Try out some products and get the necessary information on how effective the products are on improving the health. Once you get informed and see the effectiveness of the products, you can start sharing with others. Besides sharing about the products, you can introduce the business plan for those looking to earn extra income or change their career by wanted to start their business without any investment.

B) Start with the 111 Cafe Business Plan and find others interested to join you. Then slowly you can learn about other products as well as health information. This is a faster way which you can start immediately and it doesn’t involve much training and education. This plan is easily duplicable and all you need to follow are the steps described above.

After all, there is no risk or hardly any investment so the decision to start is not a difficult one. Of course, this business does involve discipline and following certain steps as initially, it is a lot dependant on your effort. After you built up your network, your effort becomes less and your income increases. Once this happens you start to enjoy the passive income. Therefore all the effort you have put in the beginning starts paying off and you get to receive monthly income without putting many hours of work.

With the use of technology, it is also possible to do this business using the online channels. Convenience is the number one priority for most people today, so free delivery and online shop which Shuang Hor already has in place, make this very simple. Once again you get the access to all these perks without having to invest into an online store, delivery system and absolutely no need to stock.

To summarize, if you are tired of daily stress at work, either from being an employee or a business owner, do look into this business as a long term solution for you. Are you tired of working extremely hard, sacrificing your time with your family, in order to make money for someone else or just cover your bills? Also, if you are looking to improve your health and the health of others around you, this is a perfect business for you. Besides all the above-mentioned advantages of the Shuang Hor business, the best is the fact that you are improving other people’s lives as well. Not only through health, but also by changing their lives and helping them to become successful and gaining Money + Time + Health simultaneously.

I hope this business is as attractive to you as it was to me when I first learned about it and you will consider it as one of your options to live a healthier and happier life.

If you have any question or are interested to join my team do drop me an email or message me at +60178098322 (Dina).

We Grow Great By Dreams!

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