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Everything you need to know about Detox

Recently I listened to a webinar by Anthony William regarding detoxing/cleansing your body and healing. He mentioned a few things which struck me and I completely agree with him. I get quite skeptical these days when I hear the word DETOX, as it has been used and misused over the past few years by many. There are soooo many ways to detox and every month there is a new popular way to do rid your body of all those harmful toxins. In most cases, someone is trying to sell you some detox package loaded with different powders, supplements, drinks and so on. I get really scared of those and my alarm bells go off as I never know what is inside those man-made supplements. How much more harm than good do they cause?


The first great point that Anthony William made was that you need to prepare your body slowly for a detox. For example, if you want to go for a juice cleanse or a water cleanse, your body needs to be prepared for it. It is dangerous to shock your body and try to get rid of all the toxins in a week or two. Afterall you have been pilling up the toxins over the years and if your liver suddenly gets overburdened by all the toxins which are floating around your bloodstream. The liver will not allow so many toxins to escape and therefore they get trapped in the liver causing damage in the long run. Your liver needs time to filtrate the toxins and release clean blood back to your body and if you suddenly release all the toxins at once, your liver won’t be able to function.

The 28-Day Healing Cleanse

Therefore he suggests to prepare your body first before entering the extreme detoxes. In his book he suggests The 28-Day Healing Cleanse which consists of mostly raw fruits and vegetables, but it is not necessary to follow this plan exactly. His cleanse starts with a healing juice (celery, lemon-ginger water or barley grass juice), followed by a smoothy, salad for lunch and a cold soup or salad for dinner.


For those of you who are not familiar with Anthony William, he is what they call a Medical Medium, and his way of healing the body is through certain fruits, vegetables and natural supplements. First time I have come across him was after reading his book Medical Medium and some of his theories do make a lot of sense for me. Prior to his book, I’ve already been researching a lot about health, diet and healing the body with food. Whether you believe in his theories or not, one thing which is for certain is that we can improve our health greatly when eating the right food. Anthony also has some very different theories from those that we are used to in modern medicine, a lot of the diseases out there he blames on different viruses and other pathogens which are causing harm to our body. Even if you don’t agree with all his controversial theories, his focus on healing the body with food and different herbs makes a lot of sense.

He recommends taking out certain harmful foods from your diet entirely, such as diary, gluten, corn, soy, eggs, and so on. During his detox, you have to eliminate fats as well, even those found in nuts, avocado and other oils. The idea is to not overburden the body with heavy digestion. “The body processes uncooked fruits and vegetables quickly and easily. These foods have live enzymes, which makes digestion even smoother. When your body is not busy processing heavy fats and proteins, or additives and allergens, it frees up hours every day for your body to rebuild itself on a cellular level.” – Anthony William. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Through this kind of detox, your body gets all the necessary nutrients, it is not in starvation mode and at the same time digestion is much smoother and faster.

What Is a Detox?

Detox diets are generally short-term dietary interventions designed to eliminate toxins from the body.

A typical detox diet involves a period of fasting, followed by a strict diet of fruit, vegetables, fruit juices and water. Sometimes a detox also includes herbs, teas, supplements, and colon cleanse or enemas.

The purpose of detox is to:

  • Rest the organs by fasting.
  • Stimulate the liver to get rid of toxins.
  • Promote toxin elimination through feces, urine and sweat.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Provide the body with healthy nutrients.

rawpixel-752453-unsplashThe way I see it detox should be kind of a reset to your system, to get rid of as many toxins as possible. It is something that can be done every once in a while for different durations. However, it is also very important to continue eating healthy even after the detox otherwise the body quickly gets pilled up with all the toxins.  Another important point to remember is to make sure you are getting all the nutrients while on a detox program because in order for your body to heal your cells need the nutrients. I continue taking my lingzhi, pollen, probiotics and iron supplement. When choosing the supplements to take, make sure they are 100% natural and can be fully absorbed by your body. Find out more why I choose these supplements.

Toxins are flooding into our environment from all around us every single day. Smog, car emissions, sprayed chemicals that make their way into our air, all enter into our bodies when we breathe.

We can also pick it up in our water, as it is subject to dumping, acid rain, and other leakage of unnatural chemicals that get flushed down the drain.

The foods you eat, every single day are laden with pesticides and herbicides. And that’s not just fresh produce. That’s any food product like crackers, breads, sauces, dressings, and anything that’s manufactured, because unless the packages say organic, the starting ingredients were treated with pesticides and herbicides. Often, meats and dairy products contain antibiotics and growth hormones.

There is a lot of disagreement about the effectiveness of doing a detox, but that’s mostly because not everybody is talking about the same thing. Some say detox when they really mean a cleanse. Others say detoxing is dangerous because you’re cutting vital nutrients from your diet. There are even those who say that your body detoxes naturally, so the snake oils and diet plans are all scams.

Your body does detox naturally. The problem is that we live in such a toxic environment that it has a hard time keeping up. When we go through a detox regiment it is to support and stimulate your body to do a better, faster job at what it’s already doing.

How to choose the right detox?

When choosing a detox plan I find it is important for you to choose something that works best for you. If it is a few weeks program you need to make sure it will fit into your daily schedule and that the meals/drinks can be eaten on the go. For me, with kids and work, I do not have that much time to prepare for each meal so I need something easy and quick.

I believe that nothing too drastic and extreme is good for you. Going from eating big meals loaded with carbs and protein to a juice cleanse is not a very good idea. In my opinion, it is best to first eliminate all the processed and harmful food, then remove as many meats and load up on vegetables and fruit. Once your body adjusts to that, then you can go for a more drastic detox where you don’t consume much food for a short period of time.

anna-pelzer-472429-unsplashWhen on a detox it is important to mentally prepare yourself and promise yourself to stick to the regime no matter what. This means even during social events, weekends, when preparing food for others, traveling…no matter what. It is best to also find someone to do the cleanse with you at the same time and therefore you can encourage each other.

Also, you will need some time to rest as well while your body is adjusting. Light exercise should also be included to help your blood circulate better and to eliminate even more toxins.

Healing Crisis

As you start the detox, your body will normally experience some rather uncomfortable symptoms while your body is healing. These can get especially bad for those with many different health problems and toxin build up. This is why it is important to do your research prior to embarking on the cleanse.  This is the time when your body is eliminating and healing through; mucus, diarrhea, gas, smelly sweat, cough and so on. These can get very uncomfortable, but please remember you will come out of them feeling much healthier and better.

I am very familiar with the healing crisis after consuming linghzi. I usually look out for these symptoms as they are a sign of healing and detoxing. Consuming lingzhi is also a form of detox as it helps to eliminate free radicals, toxins, dead cells and other harmful pathogens. You can read more in detail about the healing crisis here.

What happens after?

It is important to have a plan on what to do once the detox regime finishes. Do you go back to your old unhealthy eating? Or do you modify your diet? Of course, the detox becomes a waste if you load your body with all the unhealthy foods right after. No matter which diet choice you make, always remember that your meals should consist mainly of vegetables and fruits. Eliminating as much processed and preserved food is also a must.

In order to live a healthy life, it is important to completely change the idea of food and how we have seen it so far. At the end of the day, food should be something that helps us live better and healthier, and instead, it has been doing the opposite for us. After understanding how our bodies work and how food affects us, it is obvious what are the things we should or shouldn’t eat. I understand this is easier said than done, in a society which constantly bombards us with delicious and addictive food. Once you put your health as the number one priority, it becomes easier to say no to packaged and unhealthy food.

fullsizeoutput_68e9I have just started my 28-day Healing Cleanse and I’ll update you with my experience as well as the body changes. The main purpose why I wanted to do a cleanse was due to the fact that I have loaded my body with unhealthy food again and I need to reset my system again. I know exactly what kind of negative effect certain foods have on my body, but just like most people, I do struggle to keep control all the time.

If you have any further questions or need some help in embarking on your next cleanse please drop me an email and I’ll be happy to help or encourage you further.


Stay Healthy!


Medical Medium – by Anthony William

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