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How Lingzhi helps with Inflammation

Our body has a natural capability to heal itself. However, at times due to bad lifestyle and diet habits, our bodies start going through inflammation which can last for an extended period of time and therefore the healing process gets compromised. Nowadays there is more and more talk about chronic inflammation and how it affects our health, causing many serious illnesses to develop.

Inflammation is a natural process in our body, how our body fights hostile microbes. When something harmful or irritating attacks a part of our body, there is a biological response to try to remove it. The signs and symptoms of inflammation can be uncomfortable but are a show that the body is trying to heal itself.


Inflammation Facts:

  • Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection to remove harmful stimuli and begin the healing process.
  • Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response.
  • Infections, wounds, and any damage to tissue would not be able to heal without an inflammatory response.
  • Chronic inflammation can eventually cause several diseases and conditions, including some cancers and rheumatoid arthritis.

Types of Inflammation:

Acute Inflammation – develops rapidly. Our body’s immune system will fight the pathogens; virus or bacteria. Our natural killer cells are supposed to fight the invaders. This type of inflammation is not dangerous and it only shows that our immune system is doing its job to destroy the enemies and heal the body.

Examples of diseases, conditions, and situations that can result in acute                                inflammation include:

  • acute bronchitis
  • infected ingrown toenail
  • a sore throat from a cold or flu
  • a scratch or cut on the skin
  • high-intensity exercise
  • acute appendicitis
  • dermatitis
  • tonsillitis
  • infective meningitis
  • sinusitis
  • a physical trauma

Chronic Inflammation – it keeps happening again and again. Persistent inflammation for months and sometimes years. Our immune system fails to eliminate the problem completely or the inflammation remains active. Your cells have not been repaired completely. Sometimes it develops into auto-immune system disorder as your white blood cells start to attack your healthy cells. This happens due to an imbalance of cells and they go haywire. 50-60% of Auto-immune disorders happen due to stress. Develops into serious disease.


It can result from:

  • failure to eliminate whatever was causing an acute inflammation
  • an autoimmune disorder that attacks normal healthy tissue, mistaking it for a pathogen that causes disease
  • exposure to a low level of a particular irritant, such as an industrial chemical, over a long period

Factors that cause inflammation:

  • Stress – silent killer for many diseases. The main culprit for Auto-immune system disorder.
  • Environment – poor air quality. Lung filters the air before your body can use it. It causes lung infection which is one of the most common infections these days.
  • Diet – avoid the food which has preservatives and causes inflammation and allergies. Most common food culprits are dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts.
  • Genetics – 10% of the diseases are inherited.
  • Aging – as we age the body gets more inflammation and our organs degenerate. Free radicals cause faster aging.

How inflammation affects the body:

  • Brain – poor memory, Alzheimer’s
  • Skin – eczema
  • Heart – stroke, high blood pressure
  • Kidney – reduced blood flow
  • Bones – increases the risk of fractions, osteoporosis
  • Liver – too many toxins build up and it leads to enlargement of the liver
  • Thyroid – disrupts its function
  • Lungs – asthma, allergy
  • GI Tract – Chrons, Celiac
  • Muscles – pain and weakness, Carpal Tunnel Syndrom

3 Health Stages:

  1. Healthy Stage
  2. Pre-illness Stage- 75% of us are at this stage. Struggling between more healthy or towards illness.
  3. Illness Stage – 20% of the population has some type of serious illness.

Listen More About Dangers of Chronic Inflammation:

How doctors usually treat inflammation?

Normally when you see the doctor and complain about any pain which is often caused by inflammation, the first thing the doctor will prescribe are painkillers. Drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen are called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). As their name suggests, they work by preventing or limiting inflammation-specifically by blocking the manufacture of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are manufactured in the body by an enzyme called cyclo-oxygenase, or COX for short. By attacking COX and stopping it from doing its job properly, aspirin-like drugs slow down the production of the pain-causing prostaglandins. By blocking the COX the pain goes away, however, the inflammation is still there. This will also cause the production of protective mucus in the stomach. This explains why many people develop gastric ulcers, indigestion, and general nausea after taking NSAIDs.

The only Western medication that works to reduce inflammation are steroids, particularly corticosteroids.  Commonly prescribed corticosteroid medications, like prednisone, prednisolone, and dexamethasone are available to be taken by mouth, intravenously, or by intramuscular injection and may be used to treat diseases like asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and systemic lupus erythematosus, as well as many others, in which inflammation is part of the disease process.


Side effects of oral corticosteroids used on a long-term basis (longer than three months) include:

  • osteoporosis (fragile bones),
  • hypertension (high blood pressure),
  • diabetes,
  • weight gain,
  • increased vulnerability to infection,
  • cataracts and glaucoma (eye disorders),
  • thinning of the skin,
  • bruising easily, and
  • muscle weakness

As you can see, even though steroids treat the symptoms of inflammation, at the same time they also cause many uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous side effects in the long term. So what is the alternative? Well, one of the natural replacements for steroids is lingzhi. Components in lingzhi act very similar to the steroids and therefore help greatly with inflammation and other chronic illnesses and most importantly have no side effects even with long-term use. Please note here that not all the lingzhi products are produced the same way and some can be full of metal due to the extraction process used. 

How can Lingzhi Help?

One of the main components of lingzhi are triterpenoids and they have a positive and direct impact on inflammation. Triterpenoids are made up of more than 200 types of ganodermic acid. Each ganodermic acid addresses different diseases and it helps to reduce inflammation. They modulate the immune function, brings your immune system to normality. It can suppress the over-active immune system and it strengthens the weak immune system. By doing this it also elevates any allergic conditions.

Lingzhi 1

Another important way in which lingzhi helps us to heal or stay healthy is by assisting the apoptosis to work properly. Even though it sounds like a word from a science fiction movie, APOPTOSIS is actually a very important process in our body. Apoptosis plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining the health of the body by eliminating old cells, unnecessary cells, and unhealthy cells. The human body replaces perhaps one million cells per second. Too little or too much apoptosis can play a role in many diseases. When apoptosis does not work correctly, cells that should be eliminated may persist and become immortal, for example, in cancer and leukemia. When apoptosis works overly well, it kills too many cells and inflicts grave tissue damage. This is the case in strokes and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s diseases. Also known as programmed cell death and cell suicide.


By preventing unnecessary cell damage and helping that apoptosis functions in a smooth way lingzhi helps our body prevent many serious illnesses from developing. Lingzhi strengthens and repairs weak/damaged cells and helps the body to eliminate sick and dying cells so they don’t cause tissue and organ damage. Healthy Cells = Healthy Organs 

Lingzhi also increases the mobility of blood flow and strengthens the liver function. Inflammation burdens our liver and therefore the liver can’t clean the blood properly. Lingzhi enhances the liver function and repairs the damage if there is any, therefore blood flow is smoother and cleaner.

Macromolecular Polysaccharides in lingzhi: boost the immune system to fights the pathogens and protect the body from further inflammation. In other words, lingzhi strengthens the soldiers in our body who are both on the first and second line of defense when the intruders (viruses, chemicals, bacteria, etc) enter our system. You can read in more detail here how lingzhi works when it comes to improving the immune system to protect the body in a more efficient and faster way.

How safe is Lingzhi?

Many doctors, as well as first-time users of lingzhi, are concerned with the safety of the product, especially when a high dosage is required. The extraction method used for Shuang Hor lingzhi is done in such a way that there are no heavy metals and other harmful chemicals present. Which means when you consume Shuang Hor lingzhi you only get the pure lingzhi extract with very high efficacy and no harmful substance. Shuang Hor has done a safety test which proves that even if a 70kg human consumes 3 bottles of YK Lingzhi every day for 3 years it is perfectly safe without any sign of toxicity. 

When we are treating some serious or chronic illness high dosage of lingzhi is required in order to heal the body and reverse the damage. Very often people will experience a healing crisis when they start consuming lingzhi which shows a sign that the body is going through the healing process. At times this can feel uncomfortable and it scares certain consumers, however, it is only temporary and the symptoms usually go away after 1-2 weeks. The healing crisis symptoms vary, from skin rashes, excessive cough, sleepiness, fever, diarrhea, constipation, etc. After the uncomfortable symptoms are over, consumer normally feels much better than prior to taking lingzhi. For chronic diseases as well as for maintenance and prevention, it is best to consume lingzhi on a regular basis, just as any other supplement/vitamin.

There are many available testimonies as well as before and after test results which show how effective lingzhi is in treating chronic illnesses.

If you have any questions regarding how SH lingzhi can help with specific chronic illnesses or testimonies please do contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

Stay Healthy!


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