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Amazing benefits in just one cup of coffee

It all started with this cup of coffee for me. My friend’s mother in law came across this CEO Café one day and saw amazing benefits just after consuming one cup. Even though my friend lives half across the world from me, they managed to get their hands on this coffee which apparently was made in Malaysia. Of course, she asked me to source it out since I live in Malaysia, since they were paying something like 25 ringgit for 1 sachet. Coincidentally one of my staff at the time has given me a few samples of this coffee to try few months prior to that. Of course not knowing what this was and she wasn’t able to explain it well, I just put it in my cupboard and didn’t think of it until my friend’s request.

Sometimes things are just fated I guess. After hearing from these amazing benefits I started to explore further on what this company is about and why are their products so effective. That was when my love and fascination for lingzhi started. Almost seven years later, here I am still consuming Shuang Hor products and starting my day with CEOCafé.

Why is CEO Cafe so special?

CEO Cafe2Ingredients

  • Prime Coffee Beans. Formulated using only prime coffee beans, freshly brewed for its premium taste. Most of the instant type coffees do not use the real coffee beans.
  • The non-dairy creamer (plant-base) used is derived from coconut and is free from the harmful trans fat.
  • Enhanced with Yung Kien Ganoderma
  • Free from any flavouring essence or preservatives, giving you an exquisitely smooth flavour and rich aroma.


1. Improve mental alertness
Enhances mental sharpness, and increasing mental focus and concentration to elevate job performance and learning faculty.

2. Protect cardiovascular functions
Coffee is known for its rich content of phenol compounds, which are powerful antioxidants capable of retarding the speed with which low density lipoproteins (LDL) is oxidized by up to three times, in addition to dissolving blood clots and discouraging the formation of thrombi.

Furthermore, coffee has an amazing effect in improving vascular constriction to prevent the onset of headache as a result of vascular dilation in the brain. As CEO Café is also enhanced with Yung Kien Ganoderma extract, it exhibits exceptional efficacy in relieving migraine.


3. Antioxidant Effects
CEO Café offers a rich blend of caffeine, caffeic acid, Yung Kien Ganoderma extract, and other antioxidant substances, which work wonders in combating the health threatening free radicals found in our body.

Free radicals are the prime culprits behind many health problems (such as cardiac lesion, arteriosclerosis, stroke, emphysema, Parkinson ’s disease, etc.). Excessively high level of free radicals will also adversely affect our body’s metabolism, destroy body cells, and wreak havoc to the various organs and tissues.

4. Control Bodyweight
Caffeine is capable of increasing the rate of the caloric expenditure in the human body. Research findings have shown that the consumption of 1 cup of CEO Café is good enough to speed up the breakdown of the fat content in the food, elevate the body’s metabolic rate by 3~4%, and increase caloric expenditure. That explains why regular consumption of CEO Café can be helpful in cutting down bodyweight.

5. Promote Digestion
As caffeine has the ability to excite the sympathetic nerve and encourage the secretion of gastric juice, having a cup or two of CEO Café can help digestion and prevent gastroptosis.

6. Promote Diuresis 
CEO Café is capable of promoting kidney and diuretic functions to increase the volume of urination and improve the condition of bloated stomach and dropsy or oedema. As such, its consumption will also entail an increased frequency of visiting the toilet.

7. Improve the Condition of Constipation
CEO Café is effective in exciting the secretion of gastrointestinal hormones to promote peristaltic activities, hence can be consumed as a mild purgative to encourage bowel movement.

8. Prevents diabetes.                                                                                                                            In the case of my friend’s mother in law she immediately noticed her blood sugar level dropping after consuming the coffee, as she is a very serious diabetic patient. Even though the ganoderma (linghzi) amount is not big, but together with the coffee beans it is very effective.
a) speeds up the metabolism of glucose in our body,
b) controls the blood sugar concentration
c) prevents excessive elevation of the blood pressure.

9. Work as an Antidepressant
Consuming an appropriate amount of coffee can help improve alertness, promote a cheerful frame of mind, and hence relieve the symptoms of depression. It other words, as you enjoy the great taste of CEO Café, it also effectively melts away the stress in you.

How to Consume CEO Caffe?

All you need to do is open individual sachet of CEO Café, pour 150ml of hot boiling water and stir. It is very convenient and tasty as well so it quickly becomes a big hit with most of the consumers. There are also two types, the one with sugar and the sugar free version. The sugar version even uses healthy coconut derived sugar which doesn’t increase your glycemic index which causes sugar levels to rise suddenly in your blood.

ceo cafe ganoderma

This is what I really appreciate about Shuang Hor company, even for a simple cup of coffee their Biotech team does all the research to include the best ingredients which will give consumers the most benefits. Currently there is an ongoing promotion where you can win some FREE coffee and also make some very attractive side income by consuming and sharing this amazing coffee.

Please contact me for more information and if you have the time join me for a free coffee sampling as well. 🙂

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