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TESTIMONIES: Lingzhi & Breast Cancer

How lingzhi supresses Breast Cancer

Lingzhi (G. tsugae extract – Triterpenoid) vs Breast Cancer Cells – Interview with Professor Ming-Ching Kao, PhD

  • Able to suppress the growth of cancer cells for majority types of cancer cells, e.g. liver cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and leukemia
    • Because Lingzhi is able to regulate immune system and bodily functions
  • Able to inhibit EGFR (HER1) and HER2 positive breast cancer cells
  • Able to inhibit HER2 positive cancer cells, for both “weak’ and “strong” types
    • HER2 positive cells normally are more aggressive and have anti-drug effect
    • A study was done on two types of breast cancer cells, MCF-7 (less HER2 positive) and MCR-7/HER2 cancer cell, which is HER2 positive
    • HER2 cancer cell is difficult to kill versus the normally cancer cell type, certain chemo drug that is effective in normal cancer cell (without HER2 positive) is not effective in HER2 cancer cells or it needs higher dosage to be effective.
  • The lingzhi extract, Triterpenoid is effective for both types of cancer cells, even for MCF-7/HER2 type.
  • The lingzhi Triterpenoid dosage needed for MCF-7/HER2 type can be less than for MCF-7 type
    • The Triterpenoid in lingzhi is able to let HER2 receptor to lose it receptiveness and also chain of command for spreading
  • Able to inhibit epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), reduce the chance of cancer cells spreading to other organs.
  • Lingzhi might be changing the Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) enzyme for HER2 cancer cell, that causes the spreading of cancer cells. It will prevent the spreading of cancer cells.
  • Increases the sensitivity of cancer cell to chemo-therapy and reduces the side effects of chemo-therapy
  • In animal study, lingzhi is able to suppress the growth of HER2 type breast cancer cells
  • The effectiveness of lingzhi on HER2 type cancer cell is not limited to breast cancer
  • The same effectiveness applies for HER2 positive ovarian cancer and other type of HER2 positive cancer cells
  • Safe and effective to consume complete types of Triterpenoids
    • It contains the wide-spread of triterpenoid group, which is effective for all types of cancer
  • It has no side effects
  • Lingzhi is always a great cancer supplement no matter which stage of cancer
Yung Kien Ganoderma (Lingzhi) and Yung Kien Pollen

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Testimony 1:

  • Miss Zheng Mei Feng born in 1955
  • In 1998, Miss Zheng was 43 years old, found that her left breast had a lump. Because it is painless, she did not go for any checkup.
  • In 1990, there was a chemical pollution incident which happened in Taoyuan city by RCA electronic factory causing thousands of deaths and cancer cases.
  • A few of her colleague from RCA were also diagnosed with cancer and her friends alerted her to go for a detail medical checkup.
  • Doctor found that she had a breast lump on her left breast and arranged for X-ray and detailed scanning.
  • After X-ray and scanning, doctor confirm that she has stage 2 breast cancers on her left and stage 0 breast cancer on her right breast and needed to remove both breasts to prevent spreading.
  • Her husband had agreed to the treatment and signed the papers for operation.
  • After operation, she need to do rehabilitation exercise (hand on the wall do climbing action) to exercise the arm and shoulder to regain and maintain movement and mobility in the arm and shoulder.
  • When she go back for medical review, doctor told her that she also needed to do 6 cycles of chemo-therapy, once every 2 weeks.
  • When she finished the 1st chemo-treatment and went home, she started to vomit from evening all the way till the next morning.
  • The following chemo treatment, she became more and more uncomfortable, she would throw up and feel dizzy after each chemo. She would only feel slightly better the next day.
  • She started to loose all of her hair after 2nd chemo-treatment.
  • Her toe was also deformed and turned black.
  • She did not have any appetite and only liked to eat cold things.
  • Her auntie gave her a Lingzhi video to watch after her 1st chemo-treatment.
  • Although she found that Lingzhi is good, she does not know where to buy it.
  • However she found 1 bottle of Lingzhi at her mother house and start to purchase Lingzhi from her sister-in-law’s relative.
  • After 2nd chemo-treatment, she started to consume 66 capsules of Lingzhi and 120 pollen, divide into 4 times a day.
  • She maintain the dosage for 1 year plus.
  • After consuming Lingzhi, she was able to gain back her strength much faster after each chemo-treatment and able to go for work after resting for 3 days compare to a lot of cancer patients who were too weak to work during chemo-treatment.
  • On top of that, her platelet reading was ok and able to complete the chemo treatment within 3 months, while a lot of cancer patients are not able to complete the treatment in 1 year due to platelets being too low.
  • She is so grateful that she is able to consume Lingzhi because her neighbour who also went for breast cancer surgery did not consume Lingzhi and had passed away in 2 years time.
  • After consuming Lingzhi for 1 years plus, she reduced the dosage to 6 capsules of Lingzhi x3 times per day. After some time, further reduced it to 6 capsules of Lingzhi x2 times per day.
  • Since 1999 till today, she has consume Lingzhi for 14 years without fail.
  • Although some of her friends adviced her to stop Lingzhi, she does not want to take the risk and want to live happy and healthy forever and definitely won’t stop consuming lingzhi

Testimony 2:

  • Mdm Eng, 64 years old, diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago.
  • Although she began her period at 14, having her first child at 24, began menopause at 55, there were still 4 major risk factor that she had overlooked.
  • Risk Factor 1: Family history
    • Her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago.
    • Her sister found that her left breast had a lump, but only went for checkup 3 to 4 months later.
    • By that time, the cancer had already spread to lymph nodes and she was in stage 3 breast cancer and needed to go for surgery immediately.
  • Due to this reason, she is in high risk group and the doctor wanted her to do self check every month
  • However, she is very forgetful and always quickly took a shower and did not remember to do self check.
  • According to statistic, women who have a mother, sister or daughter with breast cancer, the chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer is 2 ~ 4 times higher.
  • Risk Factor 2: Drinking Alcohol
    • There was a period of time that Mdm Eng liked to go for karaoke to sing and drink till late night
    • According to the statistics, the chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer for a moderate drinker is 1.1 ~1.9 times higher.
  • Risk Factor 3: Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy
    • When Mdm Eng was 45 years old, she started to have symptoms of menopause such as irregular periods, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, mood swings, etc
    • Instead of going to the clinic to do a proper checkup, she just went to the pharmacy to buy some hormone tablets to consume
    • If still no improvement, she would go to the pharmacy and inject hormones directly.
    • She will feel better after consuming or injecting hormones.
    • However, she is not sure of the type of hormone that she has been injecting. And she had no idea how it would impact the body.
    • According to the statistic, women who take hormone therapy medication that combines estrogen and progesterone to treat the signs and symptoms of menopause have an increased risk of breast cancer
  • Risk Factor 4: Stress Management:
    • Mdm Eng believed that breast cancer and stress levels are somehow related because she encountered very high stress levels 2 months before she was diagnosed with cancer.
    • She strongly believed that the high stress levels would be harmful to her overall health.
  • In 2009, she accidentally found that her right breast had a lump and went for a detailed checkup.
  • After checkup, doctor confirmed that she had a 0.7 cm lump in her right breast and diagnosed her with stage 1 breast cancer and suggested to remove her right breast.
  • Since she is a diabetic patient, she was worried that the wound might not recover easily after operation.
  • After seeking 2nd advice in another hospital, the doctor proposed doing a partial operation just to remove the lump and to carry out further treatment if the cancer cells still exist.
  • However, after partially operation, the doctor found that the cancer cell still exist and therefore needed to remove the whole right breast.
  • Two operations in a week had ruin Mdm Eng constitution and moral.
  • Her good friends proposed her to consume Lingzhi.
  • Mdm Eng had confidence in Lingzhi because her sister also consumed Lingzhi after the operation and she had strengthened her physique.
  • Half a month later, Mdm Eng started to consume Lingzhi.
  • The dosage was Lingzhi x 24 capsules every morning on empty stomach.
  • After consuming Lingzhi, her body condition became better and better.
  • She did not have any vertigo reaction.
  • However, her wound recovered very quickly after consuming Lingzhi.
  • On top of that, she also found that her immune system was stronger.
  • In the past, she would catch a flu every 2 to 3 months and take a long time to recover.
  • But now, she seldom had a flu and could recover very fast as well.
  • Currently, she needs to go for medical checkup every 6 months and her Lingzhi dosage has changed to (6 x  Lingzhi) x2/day.

Testimony 3:

  • Mdm Xin Yi, born in 1979, did not have any family history of breast cancer, did not smoke or drink and even eat only vegetable for a period of time and was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 29 years old. 5 years prior, she found some liquid came out from her left breast during shower. Her left breast was a bit swollen and a bit painful when she pressed on it.
  • After checkup, doctor diagnosed her as stage 1 to 2 breast cancer, her tumor size is about a 50 cents coin and had already been there for about 3 years.
  • Mdm Xin Yi recalled that she was worried, sad and stressed for past 3 years causing her to have a lot of hair loss which she believe impacted her health.
  • She was totally lost, sad and fearful when she found out that she had cancer. She lost her confidence and fell into depression.
  • She started doing the partial operation on her left breast end of 2007, followed by 38 cycles of radio-therapy which took about 2 months plus.
  • After doing 10 cycles of radio-therapy, her wound started to swell.
  • After doing 20 cycles of chemo-therapy, her wound started to get worn out.
  • After doing 30 cycles of chemo-therapy, her wound started to bleed and got infected. She feel more and more painful on her wound.
  • Doctor commented that she might need to do chemo-therapy if the cancer reading was still abnormal after a period of time.
  • However, she decided not to take up chemo-therapy no matter what happened.
  • Since young, she had consume Lingzhi due to her weak physique and therefore had strong confidence in Lingzhi.
  • She decide to consume Lingzhi during her treatment.
  • Her dosage was 20 ~ 30 capsules of Lingzhi every day.
    • She would increase the dosage if she felt uncomfortable.
  • Although the pain still existed, she could feel that her body is doing detoxification. Her immune system was stronger and the wound also recovered faster and better.
  • After chemo-therapy, she felt weak and changed her Lingzhi to concentrate Lingzhi, taking 3 packets per day (1 packet = 6 capsules).
  • When she felt better, she would reduce the dosage to 2 packets per day.
  • However, due to financial issue, she had to stop Lingzhi for a period of time.
  • At last, she started taking back Lingzhi.
  • Her body condition became better and better and all the readings went back to normal include her cancer reading.
  • She decided to have a baby and seek for doctor advice.
  • She need to take tamoxifen (anti-hormone drug) for 5 years to prevent reoccurrence of cancer, but she start the medication after taking 2.5 years and rest for 1 years, then prepared for pregnancy.
  • In 2013, she had successfully given birth to a healthy baby girl.
  • During her pregnancy, she had a heavy flu and almost caused lung infection.
  • She quickly increased Lingzhi dosage and safe guarded her body.
  • She strongly believed that without Lingzhi, she would definitely need to go through chemo-therapy and that would affect her pregnancy and her life would be totally different.
  • Now, she is able to manage her stress levels due to her religion. She is also able to better communicate with people and have a group of friends that can help her whole heartedly.

Testimony 4:

  • Mdm Lee Yi Sa, born in 1966, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 46 years old.
  • Doctor believed that her breast cancer is due to genetic (her aunt also has breast cancer), stress level and menopause.
  • She agreed with doctor because she was under stress during that period of time due to her husband being overseas, housing renovation and kids education.
  • When she was 45, she had menopause symptoms such as sleep disturbance, heat rash and hair loss.
  • She started to take some Chinese medicine to replenish her hormones.
  • However doctor told her that she shall not do that and shall seek for proper and professional medical advice in terms of hormone replenish.
  • She had to do regular medical checkup and doctor suspect that she had breast cancer.
  • After detail checkup, doctor confirm that her left breast has cancer and the tumor size is about 2.3cm and it is stage 2 breast cancer because it has already infected the lymph nodes.
  • Doctor adviced her to do 4 cycles of chemo-therapy, once every 3 weeks, to shrink down the tumor before doing partial surgery to remove it.
  • Before treatment, Mdm Lee and her husband started to look for supplements and finally decided to take Lingzhi.
  • After 1st cycle of chemo-therapy, Mdm Lee started to have hair loss.
  • Therefore she started to consume 9 capsules of Lingzhi and 9 packet of pollen every day.
  • After a week, she had urinary tract infection which wass a vertigo reaction. However she recovered quickly after treatment.
  • After the 4th cycle of chemo-therapy, the tumor had shrunk down so much that she was not able to touch it.
  • Doctor adviced to go through the 6 cycles of chemo-therapy since the result is so good. Then followed by partial surgery and radio-therapy.
  • To reduce the chance of breast cancer reoccurrence caused by the hormone, she had to take hormone control drug for 5 years.
  • Mdm Lee would like to further share with us how Lingzhi help her during cancer treatment with the following experience:-
    • Her white blood cells reduced till 1800/ul after chemo-therapy, but back to 8000/ul when she came for next treatment which is really amazing compared to others.
    • She just needed to rest for 2 days after chemo-therapy and is able to pick up her kids from school and went shopping after that.
    • Doctor was not able to found any tumor during the surgery and her lymph node was also not affected which was very different compare to the initial report.
    • She needed to do 25 times of radio-therapy every day for 5 weeks. However due to her good condition, she reduce Lingzhi and pollen to 6 capsules and her white blood cells drop till 3000/ul. She would need to stop the treatment if the reading was below 2300/ul. Therefore she increased the dosage back to 9 capsules for both Lingzhi and pollen and the reading also increased to 5000 ~ 6000/ul.
  • After she completed radio-therapy, 6 months later with moderate exercise, Mdm Lee reduce Lingzhi and pollen dosage to 3 capsules/day each.
  • After that, her medical report is normal and her CEA reading is in between 0.3~0.6 ng/ml (normal from 0~3.4ng/ml).
  • Although during one of the medical review, doctor found a lump on her left breast. However after a few follow up, the lump seems disappear.
  • There was also one time her 19 years old daughter found a lump on her breast, but disappear after consuming Lingzhi.
  • Due to this incident, the whole family is more bonded.
  • And also because of this incident, her friends and relatives started to have regular medical checkup.
  • Her aunt had found a 0.5cm tumor on her breast during the checkup.
  • She just need to do a partial surgery, follow by radio-therapy and consumed hormone drug for 5 years will do. The condition was very good due to early treatment.
  • Mdm Lee advice all breast cancer patients to accept proper and professional treatment and use Lingzhi as supplement in order to win the war and gain back their health.

If you have any questions about these testimonies or need more information on how lingzhi can help with different cancers please drop me an email, health4life83@gmail.com, and I will be happy to help.

Source: GMz_E Trans_1301_Lingzhi and Breast Cancer




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  1. Hi,

    My mum is Breast Cancer survivor. Diagnosed in year 2013. She’s fine now. But last year she got her hyperthyroid and taken iodine treatment. Now she’s on hormone pills to control the thyroid. I understand you’re hypothyroid and currently tKing lingzhi and pollen from Shuang Hor. May I know how many tablets of YK1 and pollen did u consume ?? Please advice. Looking forward to hear from you soon. TQVM

    Currently she’s taking 2 tablets LIngzhi YK1 and 1pollen per day.

    1. Hi Suetly,

      Thanks for your comment.
      I take 6 capsules of YK1 and 8-10 pollen daily on empty stomach. For your mum’s case I would definitely advise her to take higher dosage due to her hyperthyroid problem as well as cancer in the past. For anyone with chronic illness higher doses are recommended.
      Hope this helps. Have a good day!

      1. Hi,

        Noted and Thank you so much!!!
        May I ask higher dosage as in how much? and how long this gonna take?

      2. Hi, I don’t have all the details of your mum’s situation at the moment, perhaps you could check with the person who has passed you the product. They should be able to asses the situation and advise you accordingly. Otherwise you can send me an email with all the details about your mum’s current situation as well as what was the exact diagnosis before and if she is under any other treatment at the moment.

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