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TESTIMONIES: Lingzhi, Hairloss and Cancer

lingzhi & hairloss

Lingzhi and Hair Protection – by Professor Lin Zhi Pin from Peking University

  • From animal study : lingzhi enhances growth of animal hair
    • A group of mice with tumour fed with lingzhi Polysaccharides, the hair grew more and more shinning as compared to the other group that fed with only chemo drug.
    • Similar study done with the two group of mice, 24 month old and 3 month old mice; the group with 24 month old mice fed with lingzhi Polysaccharides, are found to have more and shinny hair as compared to 3 month old mice.
  • From testimonials and clinical trial
    • Lingzhi help to prevent hair loss when a patient is going through chemotherapy, as seen from a lot of testimonials
    • A clinical trial on a group of 232 people with bald head (204 with full bald head and 28 with half bald head) was injected or taken pill of Ganoderma capense for about 2 to 4 months. Effectiveness of sign of hair grow is about 78.88%.
  • How lingzhi helps on hair loss protection? There are no concrete proofs at this point, but two possibility are as follows:-
    • According to ageing DNA study, ageing cell will cause damage on the skin or hair scalp that causes hair drop, lingzhi Polysaccharides has proven to revitalise the cell that can promote hair grow in the study of the 24 months old mice
    • According to ageing free radical study, body cells will be damaged by large amount of free radicals including skin and hair scalp. From a study, lingzhi has the capability of removing free radicals from the body, that will effectively reduce hair loss and also possibility of turning grey hair into black hair.


Q&A on lingzhi help on reducing hair loss for cancer patient when going through chemotherapy – 60% cancer patient have not hair loss or reduced hair loss

  • The Q&A was conducted on 49 cancer patients, who suffered from one type or multiple type of cancer. They have consumed lingzhi as supplement treatment
    • 42% have not suffered hair loss, 19% had very minimum hair loss and 40% has major amount of hair loss.
    • 54% has consumed lingzhi before chemotherapy or radiotherapy and 33% consumed lingzhi while doing chemotherapy or radiotherapy
    • 100% said that they have improved their quality of life when taking lingzhi together with chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Testimony 1: Mr Yew suffered from lung and kidney cancer, had 2 major operations within a month, started consuming Lingzhi before mediation and treatment, reduced hair loss during chemotherapy and speedy recovery after operation

  • Mr Yew had a coughing problem for a period of time, doctor propose him to do a chest X-ray
  • On Apr-2008, he went for the X-ray and discover that his lung had a 7.7cm tumor which was a Stage 3 lung cancer
  • Two days later, his daughter started to purchase lingzhi for his consumption. He took 28 lingzhi/day.
  • Due to the large tumor size , operation was not recommended. Therefore he need to do chemo-therapy first. However, the chances that the tumor will reduce is only 30%.
  • He needed to do 9 times of chemo-therapy, once a week, 9 times per cycle. He started chemo-therapy on mid of May-2008 and completed by July-2008.
  • He did not stop taking lingzhi during chemo-therapy and only suffer minor side effect such as slight hair loss. During his admission in the hospital, he had constipation and slight high blood glucose level. However he did not have any mouth ulcers or loss of appetite.
  • His tumor reduced to 2.2cm after chemo-therapy which is an amazing result according to the doctor.
  • However in order to totally get rid of the cancer cells, operation was a must. And therefore the doctor arranged to do the operation on Aug-2008 because it was not recommended to operate within a month after chemotherapy.
  • Before the operation, the doctor did a full body checkup and discover that he had initial stage kidney cancer which was not easy to be diagnose during initial stage. Therefore doctor cut off 40% of his right kidney to remove his kidney cancer.
  • On 2nd Sept 2008, doctor also cut off his right lung to remove his lung cancer tumor which has been further reduce to 1.7cm.
  • Within a month, Mr Yew had went through 2 major operation. However he did not stop consuming lingzhi. His operation was very successful and his speed of recovery is very fast.
  • Currently, he is taking 12-16 capsules of lingzhi/day as maintenance.

Testimony 2: Mdm Chong suffered from stage 3 intestine cancer, consumed lingzhi, went through chemo-therapy without any hair loss and minor side effects

  • Since 2008, Mdm Chong started to feel uncomfortable in her stomach and difficulty in releasing gas. She had irregular menstruation, blood in stool and stomach bleeding.
  • Initially, she thought that all these are the symptoms of menopause and had visited TCM doctor. But TCM doctor did not discover her real illness.
  • At the beginning of 2010, her stomach pain was so bad that she went to see a doctor in the hospital nearby her house. After X-ray, doctor thought that she had diarrhoea and give her some diarrhoea medicine. But that did not help.
  • Therefore on 22nd Feb 2010 morning, she was admitted to the hospital again due to the pain. However after X-ray, the conclusion was still the same as previous and doctor give her some diarrhoea medicine and discharge her.
  • However the pain was still so unbearable and she had to be admitted to the hospital in the afternoon. This time, the doctor did a intestine microscope and found that she had 28 tumors in her intestine, the biggest tumor is as big as a badminton ball which block the flow of the wastage in the intestine.
  • Without further delay, the doctor make a temporary cut on the intestine to get rid of the wastage flow on the right side of the intestine and to stabilize the condition before operation.
  • Tumor had already affected her ovary, doctor had decided to go for chemo and radio-therapy to reduce the size of the tumor before going for surgery in order to reduce the risk of hurting the ovary.
  • She started chemo-therapy on Apr-2010. Doctor needed to inject strong chemo medicine to her body continuous for 48 hours, but she had high fever after 40 hours and therefore doctor had to change medicine to code with her condition.
  • She also need to do 28 days of radio-therapy, i.e. 5 days per week.
  • On Feb-2010, when she was initially diagnosed with cancer, she started consuming 16 capsules of lingzhi/day. On Apr-2010, when she was doing chemo and radio therapy, she increase dosage to 24 capsules/day. On May-2010, she further increase dosage to 28-32 capsules/day. On top of that, she was also taking pollen, lactoberry and protein.
  • She only had 2 very minor side effect, i.e. felt like throwing up during the 1st chemo treatment and slight mouth ulcer on 4th week of the treatment. She did not have any hair loss problem.
  • On 20th May 2010, doctor had successfully cut off her intestine tumor without affecting her ovary. She had fully recovered from the operation after 3 days.
  • On Jun 2010, her medical report showed that her CEA reading has dropped from 68 to 27. (CEA is tumor marker, normal is <6)
  • On the beginning of 2011, Mdm Chong has reduce her LZ dosage to (12~16 capsule + 1 packet)/day as maintenance.


If you have any questions about these testimonies or how to consume lingzhi please feel free to contact me at health4life83@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help.


Source: Ganoderma Magazine Issue : 53 (1 January 2011) Title : Lingzhi and Reduce Hair Loss

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