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TESTIMONIES: Lingzhi & Gout

Testimony 1: Suffered from gout problem at 25 yrs old, Uric acid > 14mg/dL, Took lingzhi for 3 months and cured his 5 yrs gout nightmare

  • Since young, he liked to take meat, seafood, fried chicken, etc.
  • During university period, frequent exercise, although uric acid is about 8~9mg/dL (slight higher than normal), but not much problem.
  • However during final year, less exercise, also more stress, unhealthy diet, start to have gout problem, uric acid raise till 12mg/dL, start to take medicine and control diet. Gout problem under control.
  • After graduating, joined the workforce, due to stress level increase, workload increase, gout problem reoccurrence, about 3 times a year, uric acid shot up to 14.3mg/dL
  • During this period, he planned to get married, but his mother in law want him to gain back his health problem first.
  • Therefore he start to take (lingzhi x 20 + pollen x 20), divide into 4 times/day, i.e. take 5 LZ and 5 pollen before meal and before sleep, continuous for 3 months
  • Vertigo reaction after 1 week: Rashes lasted for 3 to 5 days
  • Vertigo reaction after 2 week: tiredness, slept from 6pm to 9am, happened once every week for about 12 weeks
  • After 3 months, uric acid drop till 6.7mg/dL which is within the normal range
  • Beside that, lingzhi also cure his fatty liver problem, bring back his liver functionality, recover his back pain problem.
  • Maintenance: Taking (lingzhi x 6 + Pollen x 6)

Testimony 2: Suffered from gout problem at 27 yrs old, Uric acid 9.9mg/dL, Take LZ + avoid alcohol, cure his gout problem within a year

  • At 27 years old, newly married, out of sudden suffer from waist pain, had to lay on bed and couldn’t get up
  • Visited TCM, doing Acupuncture and Tui massage for a few months, not much improvement
  • The pain seriously affect his daily routine and work, doing blood tests, found out that uric acid 9.9mg/dL, doctor diagnose as gout problem, start to take pain killers
  • However he strongly dislike western treatment, therefore decide to take up his friend proposal, lingzhi treatment.
  • His friend also advice him to stop his drinking habit, i.e. totally stop alcohol intake
  • Taking (lingzhi x 6~8 + Pollen x 12~16) and avoid alcohol
  • Vertigo reaction for 1 month: tiredness, can sleep whole day still feel tired, can sleep in sitting position
  • After 1 year, uric acid dropped till 7mg/dL which is within normal range and no more reoccurrence of gout
  • Maintenance: Taking (LZ x3~6 + Pollen x6~12)/day
  • Beside that, his wife and him will do a lingzhi scanning every year, i.e. taking (lingzhi x 20 + Pollen x 40)/day for 1 month

Testimony 3: Suffered from gout problem at 45 years old, Uric acid 10mg/dL, Took Lingzhi + Avoided alcohol + Avoided seafood, no more suffering from gout

  • He start to consume lingzhi at 34 years old due to his Hep B diseases. At that time, he was driving lorry to deliver goods at night and always fell asleep while driving.
  • His cousin propose him to take lingzhi , so he started to consume (lingzhi x 2 + Pollen x4) x3 times/day.
  • After a few month, he increased the dosage to (lingzhi x3 + Pollen x5) x3 times/day.
  • His vertigo reaction: couldn’t sleep and felt very energetic even after sleeping only 3 hours
  • After 1 year, he has fully recovered from Hep B diseases. But he still maintain the same dosage for maintenance purpose.
  • However due to his family history of high uric acid, he also has high uric acid
  • He started to have gout problem at 45 years old.
  • After that, gout problem reoccurred once a year, especially after he consume dalcohol, uric acid sometime can reach as high as 10mg/dL.
  • But he did not control his diet and still kept on drinking.
  • In one of the seminar, he learnt that lingzhi dosage plays a very important part in term of efficacy and start to increase dosage to (lingzhi x5 + Pollen x5) x4 times/day.
  • On top of that, he also avoid seafood and alcohol.
  • By that, he did not suffer from gout reoccurrence anymore.
  • Beside that, he also fully recover from constipation and stuffy nose problem.
  • Now, he will do a blood test every 3 years and all reading is in the normal range include uric acid test and Hep B test.

Testimony 4: Suffered from gout problem at 44 years old, gout stone grew on his whole left hand within 1 year, took lingzhi for only 1 month, does not suffer from gout stone pain anymore

  • At 44 years old, his left hand centre finger out of sudden become very painful, and the pain slowly grow to the other 4 fingers, slowly went up to every joint of his left whole hand
  • Blood test show that his uric acid is as high as 9.5mg/dL and diagnosed him with gout problem
  • Started to take western medicine, but not much improvement. Therefore start to seek for TCM advice and take Chinese medicine. However the result is the same.
  • His gout condition was getting worse and worse and his left hand start to grow gout stone.
  • Due to his gout stone was seriously affected his daily life, doctor sent him for operation to take out the gout stone. However the gout stone start to grow again after a few days.
  • During this period of time, he start to take another brand of lingzhi, lingzhi x3/day for about 6 months, but do not have much improvement on his condition.
  • In average, he had to go for operate every 2~3 months to take out the gout stone. Total he had take out more than 10 gout stone during this period of time.
  • Due to his gout problem, he is not able to work.
  • His cousin strongly proposed him to consume a better reputation lingzhi and he decide to give lingzhi a second chance.
  • Initially, he take (lingzhi x8 + Pollen x8) x3 times/day for 10 days, not much improvement
  • Increase to (lingzhi x15 + Pollen x15) x3 times/day for another 10 days, then increase to (lingzhi x20 + Pollen x10+) x3 times/day for another 7 days
  • His vertigo reaction started on 28th day, whole left hand badly swollen and very painful
  • On 29th day, his centre finger crack and a smelly liquid start to flow out from his hand no stop for almost 1 week. Then the pain and swollen start to subside.
  • During this 7 days, he has other vertigo reaction such as feel cold, smelly sweat and smelly stool.
  • His weight also reduce from 66kg to 60kg and feel more energetic.
  • His other illness from liver, gastric, kidney, cholesterol also has great improvement
  • His uric acid reduce till 5mg/dL and no more gout stone

Testimony 5: Suffered from gout problem at 20 years old, Uric acid > 12mg/dL, Taking Lingzhi improve his gout, cancer and urticaria condition.

  • Due to family history, he had high uric acid. But he did not control his diet and like to take meat, seafood and drink alcohol.
  • Therefore at 20 years old, he start to have gout problem and became more and more serious.
  • By the time he reached 23 years old, his uric acid is about 8mg/dL.
  • His condition is controlled by taking western medicine, pain killers and injections. However after 10 years of western medicine treatment, his gout problem was getting worse and worse and spread to both legs.
  • However he still continue taking western medicine.
  • When he reached 40, his uric acid has increase till 12.3mg/dL and the pain is not able to be subsiding totally by any western medicine and injection.
  • He suffered the pain for 8 months and took a lot of pain killers.
  • He started to have stomach pain after taking gout medicine and after check up, doctor has diagnosed him with stomach cancer at the age of 41.
  • Doctor also suspected that the stomach cancer could be due to the side effect of long term consumption of gout medicine and has schedule him for operation in 10 days time.
  • He start to consume lingzhi which has been proposed by his friend over the past few months, taking 90 lingzhi/day for 10 days before his operation
  • Maybe due to lingzhi, his cancer is localised and doctor is able to remove away 2/3 of his stomach and does not need to go for any chemotherapy
  • He start to drink lingzhi water, i.e. mix lingzhi with water and drink, after 7 days from operation.
  • After he was discharged from the hospital, he start to take 40lingzhi/day.
  • His vertigo reaction is reoccurrence of gout pain for 3~4 days
  • After that, he reduce dosage to 30 lingzhi/day and maintain it until he has passed the cancer reoccurrence 5 yrs period
  • Since he took high dosage lingzhi, he does not suffer from any gout pain except the vertigo reaction.
  • Beside that, lingzhi also cured his urticaria problem which he has suffer since young.
  • Every time he goes back for medical review, his blood test show that his cancer reading CEA is only 1ng/ml (normal range is <6ng/ml), uric acid is around 6.5~7mg/dL
  • Currently he is taking lingzhi for health maintenance and will increase dosage once he feel uncomfortable.

Testimony 6: Gout attack at the age of 27, took Lingzhi for almost 2 years and cured her gout problem as well as skin allergy

  • Since young, she is allergic to certain western medicine
  • Although her grandpa, father and brother all have gout problem, she was not aware that she will suffer it one day.
  • At the age of 26, due to her best friend consume lingzhi as health supplement, she start to consume (lingzhi x2 + Pollen x5)/day for health maintenance purpose.
  • However, she start to suffer gout pain for more than 1 month and uric acid shot up to 8mg/dL.
  • Once she had gout pain, she will stop her lingzhi consumption because she found that it is more painful when consume lingzhi. And resume back her consumption after gout pain is over with the same dosage.
  • After 2 years of lingzhi consumption, she increase her lingzhi dosage to 4 lingzhi/day and suffer from reoccurrence of gout pain.
  • The gout pain will occur almost every 1 to 2 months and it has spread from leg to hand.
  • Beside that, she also suffered from skin allergy and the skin will drop off easily accompany by smelly liquid.
  • As usual, she will stop lingzhi consumption once her gout pain occur because she know that lingzhi will make it more painful. However she also know that lingzhi can regulate her body and slowly bring back her health with low dosage which she is fine with that.
  • After almost 3.5 years of low dosage of LZ consuming, she does not have any gout pain and skin allergy condition also tremendously subsided.
  • Although recent blood test show that her uric acid is 8.3mg/dL, she still does not have any gout pain and does not need to control her diet.

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Source: Ganoderma Magazine Issue : 51 (1 January 2011)

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