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Love yourself and change your world

Over the last few months of 2015 I’ve been reflecting a lot on mindset and mental health. We always hear people say “its all in your mind” or “think positively”, but what does that really mean? I’ve been reading a few books and spoken to few of my ‘gurus’ and a very similar messages regarding thoughts and positivity keep popping up.


When the book The Secret came out, I truly believed the power of tuning into the universe and achieving success through positive thoughts. However, I do think that the book doesn’t really teach you how to apply that day to day and there is more to it then just imagining what you want. I believe gratitude as well as attitude has a lot to do with it. Lately, everywhere I turn somebody is talking about gratitude, and this makes me so happy. We need a lot more positive thoughts and being grateful to overcome all the negativity in today’s society. I think it is so important to be grateful on a daily basis and consciously appreciate all the good things you have in your life.

Another concept I’ve been always rather interested in is karma. However I didn’t quite understand how it works previously. What I find fascinating that in Budhism, karma not only continues from life to life, but karma is changing all the time. With our actions we can change the flow of karma, even few times in the same day. This is why it is very important for us to control our actions and our thoughts. After I’ve read the book ‘The Easiest Way to Live’ by Mabel Katz, a lot of my thoughts and ideas started to make sense. The concept of the book is “Let go of the past, live in the present and change your life forever”. Mabel wrote this book after close guidance by Dr. Ilhaleakala Hew Len who bases his teaching on Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving. I would strongly recommend everyone to read this book! It is so easy to understand and it teaches step by step how to change your mental outlook of the world. Not only does it teach to show gratitude, but it also teaches us how to take 100% responsibility for all our actions. If we stop blaming others for the situation we are in and instead consciously take the responsibility for our lives, we would be much happier. We are constantly blaming someone; our parents, our partners, our government, the weather, economy, etc.

“We all tend to forget the immerse power of gratitude and take so much for granted because we are too busy focusing on what we don’t have instead of being tankful for what we do have”, Mabel writes. I completely agree with her on this, we have been programmed to always strive for something bigger and better, even though many of us already have everything we need.

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What I found fascinating is that when we find ourselves in a difficult situations and we get angry, the chemical process of anger that happens inside us lasts only 90 seconds. The rest of the time it is all about how we are reacting to the situation. This has really opened up my eyes to show that we ourselves control everything that happens in our lives. However, it is important to learn how to control and focus the mind in the right direction. This is a process which takes quite a long time and energy, but it is very powerful in achieving happiness in our lives. Event health wise, our mental state is very very important; holding grudges and constantly living under stress (which we cause ourselves) can be extremely damaging to our health. The most immediate sign of not being able to let go is constipation and this in turn can cause many other health problems. That is just one example of health issues due to mental stress.

There are so many different methods of achieving this mental bliss and focus in the right direction. What I find important is that you choose one way and stick with it. Mabel Katz writes in the book “that we must clean and erase our memories and programming in order to achieve true joy and inner peace”. Another very important point of this method is that in order to be happy we need to love ourselves. This is not a new concept and I’m sure you keep hearing it over and over again. This method allows you to achieve this self love and puts you in the right mindset. Loving yourself, just as loving others, takes conscious effort and we need to constantly work on it and improve it. However, what I feel after using this method is that it makes it easier to achieve this.

I’ve covered few different topics in this post, but the main point is that we really need to focus on ourselves and find that peace and happiness within us. Many times by improving this, you can also improve your health. There are times when no western or eastern medication helps a person, even after many attempts, perhaps then it is important to look into what is going on within that person and mentally as well.

If you get a chance do read more about this Ho’oponopono technique as it is quite fascinating.


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