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Shuang Hor Factory and Greenhouse Farm Visit

My long anticipated visit to Shuang Hor factory and farm has finally happened. I was so excited to finally get on the plane to Taiwan to see with my own eyes what I’ve been hearing about in the past few years. It was definitely not disappointing, in fact it was even more than I anticipated.

The first stop was the Shuang Hor distribution centre in Taiwan (over there they call it Double Crane). That was amazingly neat and walls were filled with detailed explanation about the sophisticated instruments used as well as information about the hi-tech greenhouse farm.


It also included all the third party accreditation and certificate which Shuang Hor has received in the past.


The Factory

The factory visit was definitely a very memorable experience for me. It was amazing how warmly welcomed we were by the factory manager as well as our lead researcher Dr. Chen, we truly felt like VIP guests. I travelled with a group of Shuang Hor distributers as well as some consumers so our passion and admiration for lingzhi and other Shuang Hor products was very much obvious. Dr. Chen took us for a tour and stopped to explain every process available in the factory. Isn’t that amazing? Not only were we introduced to each and every step of lingzhi production, but the tour was done by the lead researcher who has dedicated his life to lingzhi research and development. I must say I felt very honored, especially knowing what kind of amazing developments Dr. Chen did and brought lingzhi to another level.


Through the glass windows we could see each step of the production as well as the strict quality control preformed by the very experienced staff. That’s when the transparency of Shuang Hor company was laid out right in front of me. I’m not very familiar with other factories out there, but I believe not many companies put so much attention in showing their distributers or consumers exactly how they make the product, from growing it to extracting and then packaging.


These are the Shuang Horians that I travelled with and even though most of them I didn’t really know before the trip, we all clicked so well together and really had an amazing trip. You could really see and sense the Shuang Hor culture all around. Shuang Hor culture is based on some very important virtues; honesty, transparency, self improvement, respect, helping others and just overall positivity. I value a lot all those things in my life and therefore it was very easy for me to fit in and find a very comfortable working environment.


Dr Chen gave a brief presentation about lingzhi, new developments and well as the factory information. After that we were given a chance to ask any question that came to mind. The questions were mostly regarding different diseases and what would be the appropriate dosage to prescribe. Dr. Chen was always ready with the explanation as well as the recommended dosage. This of course was extremely useful for our future cases that we might come across and can easily recommend the products and dosage.



The Farm

This was the most exciting part of this trip for me. I was so looking forward to finally have the honor to be in the presence of this amazing mushroom and see it being cultivated. All the pictures and videos I’ve seen over the past years didn’t do the justice to this amazing greenhouse.


We were so lucky to go inside one of the greenhouses before it was harvested. I must admit I was a bit nervous as I wanted to make sure I don’t touch any lingzhi or contaminate it in any way. Even when we were entering the greenhouse we had to rush in as the door is not suppose to stay open for too long as that will change the perfect temperature. Unbelievable how much attention to detail is given to make sure lingzhi grows in the most perfect environment to ensure it reaches its maximum efficacy.


Again Dr. Chen was with us every step of the way to explain all the processes of the greenhouse farm which includes perfect temperature, clean air, no pesticide or chemicals, harvesting at the perfect time, drying it perfectly to ensure all the active components don’t get destroyed.


Finally I got to touch the lingzhi 🙂 They sacrificed a few bags of lingzhi for us to touch and take pictures with, of course these could not be used anymore. It looks so fake, doesn’t it?


This is the water wall used to cool the greenhouses to a perfect temperature without being too harsh or too sudden temperature changes. The greenhouses are so well equipped in order to grow lingzhi whole year around, regardless of the weather and climate changes.

image13  image3

This is what it looks like to be surrounded with abundance of lingzhi. Of course Dr. Chen did warn us not to bite into linghzi as we wouldn’t get much benefits as it is made up of very coarse fibre which we can’t digest. He did mention that there was someone many years ago who bit into a whole row of lingzhi while visiting the farm. 🙂


Three new greenhouses were being built, as the demand is getting higher and higher. In case you are wondering, like I was, how do they make sure there is no bacteria and other contamination without use of chemicals. Well, it fairly simple, once they harvest the lingzhi, they will open up all the nets from the glass roof and let the sun heat up the greenhouse to around 50 degrees celsius. This ensures all the bacteria gets destroyed. As for the rodents, they cover all the metal rods with zinc and that keeps the rodents away. If only more farms would employ such a simple and green way.


image1 image2image10



























Dr Chen was always ready to answer any of our questions every step of the way. We were then brought into the storage area where lingzhi is tried and kept in the plastic bags. It was very reassuring to note that Shuang Hor makes sure that lingzhi will not run out any time soon.


We managed to smell the lingzhi as it was being dried in these containers you can see bellow. The drying process takes three days and the reason for using this system to dry them is to make sure non of the important components get destroyed. The smell actually reminded me of porcini mushrooms, but not as intensive as that.


Besides being amazed by Shuang Hor’s factory and farm, I was really happy being surrounded by so many happy and positive people. This journey was rather emotional for me, but in a very good way. I have changed a lot in the way I think and do things throughout this one year that I’ve been traveling the Shuang Hor journey. This trip reassured many things for me and opened up my eyes even more to what attracted me to Shuang Hor business in the first place. Their dedication to ensuring we get the best possible products, to building positive and good hearted leaders. Positive and happy people are able to spread the joy and that is definitely something we need more of in our lives. I feel very proud to be part of this family and I’m looking forward to helping more people and spread more positivity around.


I’m looking forward to another visit, hopefully next year, and I hope I will be able to bring more friends along. For those who have any questions regarding the trip or Shuang Hor in general, please feel free to email me at health4life83@gmail.com.

Stay Healthy,


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