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Why I choose these supplements?

As the market is flooded with all sorts of supplements and products to improve your health and address one health issue or another. Often people are unable to make a decision as it is overwhelming, especially if you don’t know much about how your body reacts to different supplements and what is really necessary for our bodies.

Recently I’ve been asked the same question, “Why take lingzhi/pollen rather than other supplements out there?” (natural or pharmaceutical). As I’ve been studying nutrition in the past year and learnt a lot on how supplements work, I often assume everyone understands this information and it should be an easy choice. But in the last few days I’ve been trying to put myself into my shoes couple of years ago, before I knew any of this info and I totally understand that it is difficult to believe that these supplements really work. I was lucky that my husbands situation forced us to try lingzhi, as he desperately needed liver repair and improvements in his immune system. After seeing the great results, it was easy for me to start taking the same supplements and worked amazingly for me as well. Before that I did used to take some vitamins and supplements here and there, but since I didn’t see any improvements and changes in my health I would quickly stop taking it.

Another problem is that a lot of the supplements or natural herbs recommended loose popularity after some time, and quickly get replaced with a new craze and therefore it is difficult to stick to the same regime. Even I sometimes get confused, what seemed great for your health few years ago suddenly becomes the total opposite. The most recent shock for me was the whole controversy on wheat products, such as whole wheat pasta and bread, I read that they are actually bad and spike up the sugar more than the normal grain ones. I haven’t done much research on this yet, but it did get me thinking.

So what makes me choose the Shuang Hor products over other health products out there? I’ve been consuming these products for almost 4 years now and as you might know from my previous entries, I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my health and energy levels. I have really noticed how my bodily functions have improved, from pain free periods, to better metabolism and increase in mental focus and memory.


Why do I choose Linghzi over other herbs?


  1. Multifunctional – lingzhi has addressed so many of my healthy issues: hypothyroidism, constipation, memory, energy, sleep, blood circulation, period pain and helped me control my emotions and nervousness. This gives me the piece of mind as I don’t have to wonder what do I take for each different issue, I know lingzhi can address most of my problems. Besides my testimonies, I’ve seen so many amazing testimonies over the years; from cancer patients, heart patients, allergy and many many more.
  2. Safe – no side effects to worry about. This is another thing that gives me so much confidence. At Shuang Hor R&D centre they’ve done a test to show that a 70kg human can consume up to 8 bottles of linghzi per day for 3 years and there is absolutely no side effects. Shuang Hor in particular has so many certificates from different Health Ministries, such as Taiwan, Japan Singapore and Malaysia. And these were given based on number of tests done to prove the efficacy.
  3. Preventive – lingzhi also helps prevent many health issues to come up later in life; such as diabetes, blood pressure issues, heart attacks, liver damage, colon problems, cancer and much more.
  4. Slows down aging – this not only makes you look younger than your age, but it maintains your organs young and therefore they function better. The graceful aging I’ve seen on a number of occasions when meeting those Shuang Horians who have been taking lingzhi more than 5 years.
  5. Convenient – I don’t need to chop, boil, blend or put any effort apart from opening the bottle and consuming the capsules with water. It doesn’t get much easier than this.
  6. Affordable – of course this depends on weather you have some serious health problems. This is the reason why I always say prevention is cheaper than cure. If you manage to reverse the damage and fix some of the issues at the early stage, later you just have to continue taking lingzhi for maintenance.
  7. Scientifically Proven – lingzhi is on of the only herbs in the world which has been studied by both Eastern and Western medical researchers and many of its amazing functions have been proven through a number of tests. Shuang Hor’s Yung Kien Lingzhi has even received the Taiwan Health Ministry Accreditation for the following functions (based on the tests preformed):
  • Immune Regulator – lingzhi is able to improve the health of our cells, this is absolutely vital for our health. Not only does it improve the health of sick and damaged cells, but it helps eliminate dead and mutated cells. Healthy cells = healthy organs = optimum health.
  • Liver Protector – lingzhi enhances liver functions and regenerates liver cells. Liver as we know is our most important detoxifier so we want to make sure it is functioning at its optimum level. Otherwise our body is not able to eliminate all the toxins that enter our body.
  • Anti – oxidant – gets rid of free radicals (those culprits for aging).
  • Increases mobility of our blood  – basically linghzi improves circulation and helps to clear blockage in our blood vessels, which prevents blood clots and in turn prevents strokes and heart attacks.

Why I choose Yung Kien Bee Pollen over other sources of vitamins/minerals?


  1. 100% Natural – Shuang Hor chooses best quality pollen from Europe and it is only sterilized to remove contaminants, there is no synthetic/chemical process. They then use freeze dry technology to convert it into powder and capsules.
  2. Fully absorbed by our bodies – this basically means that all the vitamins and minerals are used up efficiently by our body and nothing goes to waste.
  3. More than 200 minerals, vitamins, enzymes and co-enzymes – not only that you get all the necessary minerals and vitamins, but because you have the right enzymes and co-enzymes present all the vitamins/minerals get properly absorbed. I like the fact that I don’t have to consume so many different pills, but only mix the sachet of  pollen with water or take some capsules.
  4.  Provides me energy – after regularly using YK Bee Pollen my energy levels have enormously improved.  In fast I’m typing this post at 11pm, this used to be an impossible task for me. After 4 or 5pm I used to get so exhausted and my brain was in total shut down. The reason why bee pollen gives you extra energy is no rocket science, basically when your cells are fed with the right necessary nutrients, they function properly and therefore your organs are much healthier. When organs are healthy and vital, they preform all the necessary tasks our body requires. Just today I hear someone mention “You are healthy when you have sufficient energy to comfortably preform your daily tasks” This is SO TRUE! I often hear people say that they are healthy and they have not much health issues. Then they start complaining about; tiredness, constipation, stress, skin problems, and so on. There is just not enough emphasize put on the tiredness issue which most of the people are facing every day. Yes partially this is due to the fact that we are juggling so many tasks in a day, but the biggest culprit is lack of the right nutrients. Even though I’m quite conscious about my diet, most of the times I won’t be getting the right amount of nutrients as a lot of them are destroyed when cooking. Therefore, Bee Pollen gives me that piece of mind that I’m feeding my cells the nutrients they need.
  5. Safe – it is absolutely safe and anyone can take it. There are only a very small percentage of asthma patients who can’t take bee pollen due to allergies, but not all. There is no way to overdose or have too much of it, in case you really consume large amounts of it and your body doesn’t need so much, it would simply eliminate the excess.
  6. Balances Hormones – I could really see this with pain free periods and much less PMS symptoms. Also my skin has cleared up a lot, as I used to get big pimples on my chin and neck before.
  7. Weight Management –  it makes you crave less for different types of food and you no longer binge and eat excessively. It also helps to eliminate fat from the bloodstream so this helps you loose weight. I am really able to maintain my weight even without being on crazy diets and my weight doesn’t fluctuate as it used to very easily.

Why do I choose Lacto-berry Probiotics?


  1. Convenient – Lacto-berry is individually packaged and in powder form, making it very convenient to consume and bring to your office or during travels. I carry it everywhere with me so I can quickly take it after my meal if I’m outside. This ensures better digestion and regular bowel movements.
  2. Cultivated Strains – capable of performing many functions. Some probiotics are made up of wrong strains, which are not suitable for human bodies and therefore are not able to assist us.
  3. There are 2 billion probiotics in each sachet of Lacto-berry, which will multiply quickly into 40 billion probiotics when they reach our digestive system. The high quantity ensure their potency to deliver their tasks.
  4. Alive bacteria –  Shuang Hor uses the unique Multi-Coated Technology where the probiotics are coated with prebiotics to protect them against our body heat and the highly acidic gastric juices in our stomach. Hence they can be safely carried to our gastrointestinal tract alive to perform their job.
  5. Added Ingredients – Shuang Hor has added a few more ingredients to Lacto-berry to make it even more effective and functional and it also makes it taste really yummy.
  • Raspberry Powder – increases the content of fibre (adds bulk to stool).
  • Cranberry Powder – prevents E.Coli from happening inside our urinary tract, therefore prevents the UTIs.
  • Blueberry Powder – removes free-radicals, hence it is a natural anti-aging supplement.

Before getting involved in Shuang Hor business, I’ve consumed these products for more than 3 years and seen the great benefits they have given me and my family members. I have really made a lot of research and heard many testimonies over these couple of years and due to this I don’t have the need to search for other products. All these points which I have mentioned above have made me a very loyal consumer and later on naturally made me want to share the knowledge and experience with more people. This sounds like such a cliche, but I’ve seen many peoples lives being transformed with first of all Shuang Hor products and then later the Shuang Hor business.

To be honest a lot of people get scared or even upset when they first find our Shuang Hor is an MLM business. However through my experience there for the past few years, it is very different then most typical MLMs out there. I think this is mainly due to the company’s humbleness and no.1 emphasize on having great quality products which are able to improve people’s health. Most Shuang Horians are trained as health knowledge advisors, instead of hard core business sellers. There is hardly any talk about money and most of the seminars and trainings are either for health knowledge or self improvement.

I hope this cleared out some questions for most, but if you do have any further questions kindly let me know I will be happy to share more.


Stay Healthy,



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  1. Sorry this is not a comment but a personal enquiries and hope that you would replyy me , thank you. I am a type 1 diabetic with kidney desease , acid reflux and very sensitive skin ! Can I consume the lacto berry? Or do I need to seek medical advice before taking this product? Thank you again and hopeto hear from you asap.

    1. Hi Helena,
      Yes lactoberry is very safe for you to take. Also you lingzhi would be great for you to take to deal with all the health problems you mentioned. If you need further info do let me know.

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