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Health Talk: Improve your child’s Immune and Digestive System

I had a great session last week with young mummies at Noriter in 1 Mont Kiara. The reason why I wanted to organize this intimate sharing is due to my personal experience with my daughter. My experience opened my eyes a lot and I decided to take my daughter’s health into my own hands to an extend, instead of only relying on doctors.



My Daughter’s Health Experience

I struggled for many months with my daughters colic and constipation issues. Nothing seemed to be helping; doctor prescribed drops and probiotics which had no effect, friends suggested massages with oils but even that didn’t work. I thought it was just a part of being a baby and figured she will grow out of it. I breastfed her till she was 6 months old and at one point she even started getting some allergic reaction to my milk. I switched her to goat milk and continued giving it to her since. At around 6 months she suffered from quite a bad flu and fever. I remember thinking that I thought kids don’t get sick so young. After that she had a few more sessions with fever, runny nose and bad cough. I started to seriously get worried and decided to put her on some vitamins which my doctor prescribed. As soon as I opened that bottle of liquid multivitamins, to me all I could smell was chemicals so I decided to only give her few dosages.

As I was regularly taking my bee pollen as a source of minerals and vitamins, I decided to try putting the powder into my daughters milk once a day. Besides the bee pollen, I also started her on Shuang Hor probiotics – Lactoberry. After doing lots of research and learning how probiotics work, I realized my daughter probably didn’t get enough probiotics when she was born as I had a C-section. When children are born naturally their GI tract becomes colonized with good, bad and benign bacteria as it passes through the birth canal and picks up some of your microbes. So the C-section babies miss out on that. There is some additional probiotics which the baby gets from breast milk, but once it starts solids the gut bacteria remains pretty much the same throughout his or her life. In order to achieve the balance of good bacteria in your child’s GI tract, you must give your child a source of these probiotics or alive good bacteria.

Within a couple of months I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my daughter’s bowel movements, no more constipation or diarrhea. Also for about 1 year she has not been sick and the only doctor visits are for regular check ups. That really made me a happy mamma :). I’m not saying my daughter will never get sick in her life, but I believe her immune system has been improved with the use of these two products and to top it all the products are 100% natural. She has been in the nursery for the past 8 months and so far didn’t pick up any viruses, so far we are on the right track.


My Sharing

This sharing was specifically tailored to mothers with young children and how they can improve their children’s immune and digestive system. I covered some basic information about the immune system, without going into too much scientific information. The two main points to take from this part was that imbalanced immune system is usually due to deficiency in micro-nutrients which we often can’t get enough of from our food alone.  And the other point is that our colon is responsible for 80% of our immune system so unbalanced bacteria in our colon will cause us not only to have digestive problems, but we fall sick very often.

I have also covered some information on dietary habits and what we need to feed our families. This is where bee pollen comes in as it provides us the micro-nutrients (minerals, vitamins, enzymes and co-enzymes) which is difficult for us to get from our diet as most of the nutrients get destroyed when cooking. I will cover further regarding Shuang Hor Pollen in another entry.

I’ve explained the difference between all the probiotics out there. The main point here is that the probiotic safely enters our GI tract and reaches the colon. This means it shouldn’t be destroyed by our body heat or gastric juices. This is why those heat sensitive probiotics (which you have to keep in a fridge) are not always so effective. Lactoberry is multicoated with prebiotics in such a way that it is able to reach directly into the colon.



I really enjoyed this session as it is a topic I feel very passionately about and I hope it helps other mothers as well. We all know the worst thing is when your child is sick and those dreadful visits to the emergency and the doctor.

For those mother’s that couldn’t make it this time, please feel free to email me any questions and enquiries which you might have.

Stay Healthy,



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