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Bring awareness to your body

image3My first health talk was held last Sunday! I must admit I was quite nervous about it as I wanted to make sure I get the message across as clearly as possible. The topic was on 7 Stages of Disease and Cancer Prevention. This is a topic that was a real eye-opener for me and I wish for more awareness about this as there is not enough attention given to it.

I would like to thank all those who attended for their support. The main purpose of sharing this topic was to create more awareness on focusing on your body signs and to start reversing the damage of our cells and organs. For me, I have been doing my damage reversal by using lingzhi and pollen and have seen amazing effects and improvements to my health. Therefore I shared different ways these two products can help and gave some testimonies as examples of damage reversal.


Mingling session with Shuang Hor Coffee and Tea
Very attentive audience
Learning more about Shuang Hor products
New consumers looking forward to the healing crisis


Our bodies are very sophisticated and we need to learn how to focus on the warning signals our bodies give us before we reach a stage where the reversal process becomes very difficult. So please don’t ignore your body and learn the purpose of the warning signs. The most important is to find a way to eliminate the toxins which we are exposed to on a daily basis. Input of toxins shoud equal to Output of toxins. Both lingzhi and pollen are great at helping the body get rid of the toxins as well as strengthening our immune cells for better health.

A big thank you to Jannice and Patrick Tan for their mentoring and guidance. I have learnt a lot about health from them and most importantly improved my health greatly using their advice. Thank you Jannice for your amazing testimony sharing as well!

For those who couldn’t make it and have any questions regarding this please email me and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Please click on the links for the video Part 1  and Part 2 (sorry about the video and audio quality, will improve next time 🙂 )


Stay Healthy!


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