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Cleanse your body with this amazing tea

Tea is not only something to be consumed when you are sick, it should be enjoyed on a regular basis. When I was first introduced to Lu Chun Lingzhi Plus Tea, I was told it had the same effect as soap has when washing a dirty and oily drain. Basically if you wash a drain with plain water instead of adding soap your outcome will not be effective. Same thing is with our bodies, in order to get rid of toxins we need to consume an effective product which will assist in eliminating all the bad stuff out, which water alone is not able to do.


Lu Chun Tea Benefits & Ingredients

Lu Chun tea is partially fermented black tea, it is low in caffeine with a mild flavor and therefore very pleasant to consume on a daily basis. Due to all its ingredients it is beneficial in many ways:

  •  Great Anti-Oxidant
  • Deodorant – gets rid of smells, you can place the used tea bag in your fridge to get rid of smells
  • Anti-bacterial and helps prevent viruses
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Helps control blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar level
  • Anti cancer, radiation and UV
  • Helps clear uric acid from the body
  • Others (please refer bellow)

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

– Contains saponin (same as ginseng)

– Has calming effect

– Relaxes the mind and reduces stress

– Ability to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol

– Diuretic – brings out more urine from the body

– Prevents hair loss

– Prevents Memory loss

– Moistens lungs – to help with a cough

– Helps to remove phlegm

Cassia Obtusifolia

– Improves vision – great for people with glaucoma as it reduces eye pressure and dryness

– Removes liver heat – reduces heatiness caused by toxins

– Improves bowl movement

– Improves digestion

Oolong Tea

– Bring mental alertness

– Sharpens your thinking ability

– Removes access oil from your body – manages obesity


It also has the added benefit of lingzhi which you can read more about in my previous entries.

How to consume it

Brew 2-3 bags for 10 minutes, make sure you cover it as it brews. Drink throughout the day instead of water, you can keep adding hot water to the tea bags.

If you have a cough or fever, you can brew 5-6 bags in less water and consume the very ‘thick’ tea. It will help get rid of phlegm faster.

As you can see you can take small steps in changing your habits in order to be on the way to a better health. Consuming Lu Chun tea for a long term will give you many health benefits and you might even be able to loose weight. It is easy to consume and it tastes nice as well!

Stay Healthy!


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