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That superior herb

When it comes to lingzhi there is so much to cover and highlight and every month I hear more and more amazing testimonies of how this superior herb helped those who thought there was no way out. I would like to share with you some very interesting facts about lingzhi as well as few amazing testimonies I came across.



One of the most interesting things about lingzhi is that it regulates/modulates immunity. Many products out there can help to boost your immunity, but not modulate. There are people who already have an overactive immune system where their body attacks itself, such as in the case of allergy or SLE. Lingzhi is efficient in stabilizing the immune system for both those who have under active as well as overactive immune system. The reason why it is important to have a healthy and strong immune system is because 80-90% of human diseases are related to the immune system. So how does this work? Lets first look at what does our immune system defense consist of. In other words who are those little soldiers protecting us from intruders.

1st Line Defense: Natural Killer Cells (NKC) – play a major role in the host-rejection of both tumors and virally infected cells.


2nd Line of Defense:

T Cells – are like soldiers who search out and destroy the targeted invaders

t cells

B Cells – transform into plasma cells to create antibodies. Antibodies stick to antigens on the surface of germs, stopping them in their tracks, creating clumps that alert your body to the presence of intruders.

T Cells need B Cells in order to fight off the intruders.

How does Lingzhi work on the immune cells

Lingzhi has passed the test done by The Health Food Ministry of Taiwan and it was proved that lingzhi:

  1. Helps promote the production of antibodies (less bacteria and viruses enter the body)
  2. Helps enhance the production of immune cells (more soldiers to protect our body)
  3. Helps modulate the function of T Cells (normalizing your immune system)
  4. Helps promote the vitality of natural killer cells (strengthens the killer cells which help to fight off tumor/cancer cells)
  5. Helps promote the vitality of phagocytes (these cells eat up dead and sick cells)

Steroid Characteristics

An interesting thing is that lingzhi can preform same functions as steroids, but with no side effects. I find this remarkable because so many diseases are being treated by steroids and as we all know the side effects of steroids can be pretty severe. Therefore those who take steroids are advised not to take it for long periods of time. The main similarities that both lingzhi and steroids control metabolism, inflammation, immune functions and the ability to withstand illness and injury.

Hepatitis B Testimony

Recently I met a lady who has been suffering from Hepatitis B infection for many years. She refused to take Western medicine as she has seen the effects it had on her mother (who passed away due to Hepatitis B virus). She was lucky enough to come across Shuang Hor and started using their lingzhi product after learning that it is very effective in liver treatment. Within 4 months of consuming lingzhi and pollen her GOT and GPT levels came down tremendously. Even her doctor asked her what has she been taking and told her to continue consuming. Few months later her levels dropped again and to doctors amazement she has developed hepatitis B antibodies. This to her was something she never expected to happen and she was truly amazed by this product. Lingzhi has given her not only a better quality life, but it has prolonged her life as well.

Mental Health and Energy Levels Testimony

More and more I hear how tired people are ALL the time. Well, I was one of those people before as well, in fact my husband used to make fun of me as I could not stay awake through a movie (even in the afternoon) 🙂 This was also affecting my memory and concentration. It was almost impossible for me to get any work done in the afternoons as my fatigue got in the way. After learning I had hypothyroid problem I thought the medicine would improve this. And I kept telling my doctor I’m still very tired, but since the thyroid levels were ok on the blood test she couldn’t do much about it. Only after consistent consumption of lingzhi and pollen is when I saw the tremendous results. That’s when I realized how much happier I was as well because my mind could function more efficiently and I wasn’t constantly exhausted.  My memory has also gotten a lot better, which is very important when you have million things to do 🙂

Diabetes Testimony

Another lady recently shared her mother-in-law testimony. Her mother in law had a very difficult time buying health insurance as her diabetes level was rather high, around 20+. She started consuming 12 lingzhi and double dose of pollen in order to lower her diabetes levels. She continued taking her diabetes medicine as well. Within a couple of months her levels started dropping. After roughly a year her level dropped from 20+ to 7! This is remarkable as even the diabetes medicine is not able to do that.

There are so many other wonderful testimonies which I will share with you another time. I’m just really excited as there is more and more research being done on this amazing superior herb and hope more people will get educated about it as it can definitely improve and save lives.  Shuang Hor has put in enormous amount of money into Research & Development in order to come up with most effective lingzhi and they really went into deep understanding on how lingzhi really works on our body. I will be one of the lucky ones to see the factory and the linzhi farm this September. Really exited about the trip!


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