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What is in your detergents?

In my quest to create as toxic free environment as possible in my house, I have also replaced all my detergents with the bio enzyme, natural and chemicals free ones. Not only are they safe for my daughter (who still puts everything in her mouth), but they are also safe for the environment and don’t cause pollution. There are many products out there which offer a more natural alternative, but it is important to take those proven and more reliable ones in order to make sure they really are safe for your family.

Here are some of  the ingredients you want to avoid in a detergent:

1. Benzoic acid – petrochemical which is regarded as ‘safe’ under the FDA regulations, but it is proven that it can cause harm such as skin rashes and it also interrupts the hormones and therefore causes estrogen dominance. Some ‘green detergents’ still use this ingredient so please make sure your look at the ingredient list

2. Phosphate – this is usually the key ingredient in many detergents today, it is the ingredient that makes bubbles. Because they are considered nutrients they cause a lot of problems to the aquatic system, making the algae grow rapidly. Algae in turn use up a lot of oxygen and therefore it causes fish to die. Phosphate also causes rashes, allergy and itchy throat

3. Zeolites – this helps to make everything very clean, but with harsh consequences. It is super alkaline with the PH 13 and it affects our lungs.

4. Optical brighteners – those are synthetic chemicals added to liquid and powder laundry detergents to make clothing appear whiter and brighter, and thus cleaner.  Those little blue dots you see in your washing powders. Optical brighteners transform UV light waves to enhance blue light and minimize the amount of yellow light to make things appear whiter. May cause reproductive and developments effects and they aren’t readily biodegradable and may bioaccumulate, so they pose a potential hazard to aquatic life.

I have replaced all the commercial detergents with just two products, one is the All Purpose Cleaner and the other one is Liquid Detergent, from the GoEco line available from Shuang Hor. However there are plenty other alternatives out there.

Special Attributed of GoEco Bio Enzyme Liquid Detergent:

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  • An enzyme formulation that is highly biodegradable, does not pose any health concern, contributes to environmental protection, and gets rid of stubborn stains effectively;
  • Suitable for all washable clothing, including premium quality garments, underclothes, and baby wear. After laundry, the clothing would give a soft and smooth touch and do not get wrinkled, entangled, or hardened;
  • Sets you free from the worry of residual traces of chemicals and does not harm your hands or cause skin allergies. Imparts your clothing with a natural, refreshing scent after laundry;
  • A concentrated and efficient liquid detergent that needs only one-third the amount of a normal detergent, produces low suds, and is easier to be rinsed. Comparatively, its use brings the benefits of saving water, time, and power consumption;
  • Conforms to the regulations of Eco Friendly Label, totally free from contents that are harmful to the human body and environment. These include phosphorus, optical brighteners, and bleaching agents;
  • It also contains Anti-redeposition Cellulose, which immediately envelops or wraps up the dirt dislodged during the process of laundry to prevent secondary contamination of the washed clothing.
  • Besides with the dirt being broken down into smaller clusters by the enzymes, the clothing becomes readily to be rinsed clean with ease, hence doing away with the need for a softener. As such, GoEco Bio Enzyme Liquid Detergent is your answer to ensuring that your clothing always stay as clean as new.

Special Attributes of GoEco All-Purpose Cleaner


  • An enzyme formulation that is highly biodegradable. Capable of thoroughly breaking down the oily film on the tableware and kitchen as well as the flooring.
  • It features low suds and no residual traces, leaving the surfaces squeaky clean after washing;
  • Highly concentrated formulation that needs only a small amount to generate economical cleaning results;
  • It is free from any harmful solvents and hence does not harm your hands, the utensils, or the surfaces of any material, making it safe and environmental friendly;
  • The sponge, rag, and washing basin do not become oily and can be rinsed clean with ease after use.
  • As the breaking down is effected by enzymatic actions, it helps dislodge the oily stains that have built up in the draining pipes to reduce problems associated with blockage, keeping your kitchen and household environment clean and hygienic at all times.

Products such as these help you save not only your health and the environment, but also water, time and electricity so the benefits are amazing. They are 95% biodegradable so no damage done to the rivers and the oceans saving many fishes along the way. They use the food grade preservative, without any residue and it is non corrosive.

And it is easy as the All-Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean everything from dishes, floors, toilets, windows and anything else you can think of. Due to the bio enzymes inside, it can’t be used with hot water so you can save electricity there 🙂

You can even make your own detergents for those who have the time with tons of recipes online. Not sure the effectiveness as I have not tried it before, but its worth the try.


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