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Lingzhi can reverse damage

I’ve been hearing very positive and amazing testimonies of how lingzhi has helped many reverse their diseases and illnesses over the last 6 months, and I am really amazed. There is such a powerful product out there and many people are not even aware it exists. Sometimes I think about all the people who could have been saved if only they knew of this product. For this reason one of my missions in life is to share this wonderful product with as many people as possible. However, it is not easy for people to really trust and believe in this product until they try it and hear other people’s testimonies. To find out what is lingzhi please read this article.


It took me a while as well to figure out how lingzhi actually works. After many seminars and meetings I’m finally understanding how and why does this product work so well. I have my own testimony on how lingzhi has improved my health so I don’t need further convincing, but the key is also to understand how this unbelievable mushroom works wonders in our bodies. The most important point I have learnt is that lingzhi helps to strengthen our own body system and therefore it is our own body which heals itself and reverses the damage done. Basically lingzhi helps our body work at the optimum level and even after abusing our bodies for many years, it is possible for us to reverse the process and repair the damage in most cases.

How does lingzhi work in our body?

5 Main Functions of lingzhi:

  1. Regulates – Lingzhi helps to regulates and normalizes our bodily functions so that it achieves an optimum level. For example it regulates our immune system so it preforms its function of protecting our bodies. Strengthens the weak immune system and lowers the overactive immune system in case of auto immune diseases.
  2. Cleanses / Detoxifies – It purifies our blood and detoxifies our whole body system up to cellular level. the cleansing and detoxifying is done on the cellular level. Repairs sick cells and eliminates dead cells. Please don’t confuse this with many other products in the market which claim to detox your colon. Lingzhi detoxifies your cells and organs to get rid of toxins which will then be eliminated
  3. Eliminates – helps our bodies to eliminate all the toxins which have built up through all our elimination channels. These can be toxins in our blood as well as those hidden in our organs. The elimination is done through colon, urine and skin etc. It also eliminates Free Radical which is the main culprit for many diseases.
  4. Enhances / Strengthens – increases stamina and enhances bodily functions in order for organs to function properly
  5. “Scans” – it detects any damage which needs to be repaired around the body thru various “symptoms” which sometimes we are not even aware of.

How lingzhi repairs the damage:

There are three different types of diseases and lingzhi can address each one of them the following way.

A) Genetic Problem – for those who are born with certain genetic problem. For example, Type 1 Diabetes where your pancreas simply doesn’t produce enough insulin since you are born.

  • Here lingzhi protects, strengthens and improves the function of the existing pancreas cells in order for organs to function better, and it also helps to promote the generation of healthier cells so the patient may cut down the dependence of insulin injection.

B) Chronic Disease – for those who acquire certain diseases over time due to lifestyle, diet and environment

  • In this case lingzhi cleanses & eliminates toxins & free radicals from organs and cells
  • Repairs and regenerates good cells
  • Strengthens and raises the entire body system to optimum level

C) Acute Diseases – those diseases causes by bacteria and virus, for example dengue

  • Lingzhi will activates your immunity to handle the virus/bacteria first
  • Followed by flushing out of the toxins/dead pathogens etc
  • Then it will go on to dig deeper to overhaul the entire body system

Vertigo Reactions

As linghzi is repairing the cells and eliminating the toxins almost up to 95% of the people will experience some of the following vertigo reactions (healing crisis) which is a good sign of healing.  These vertigo reactions will depend on how much toxic and damaged is your body. These can last few days, a week or longer depend on the degree of the “problems” and they can come back few times until the body achieves its optimum health level

Common reactions:

  1. Aggravated symptoms– feeling worse than before. For example cough gets even more intense than before.
  2. Loss of appetite– It could be a sign that your body energy is being used to repair damage and eliminate the toxins and hence all the energy might be used up, so the body will conserve the energy for elimination & repairing rather than digestion.
  3. Unable to sleep– Could be a sign that the liver is weak or damaged
  4. Rashes– this is sign of the lymphatic system flushing out the toxins, common for people who have been consuming medications for a prolong period.
  5. Fever– sign that the immune system is being activated as it detected a virus/bacteria or eliminating toxins
  6. Frequent Urination– Could be a sign of body flushing out excessive uric acid and perhaps also due to previous water retention
  7. Perspiration– sign of elimination of toxin thru our biggest elimination organ; the skin.
  8. Frequent bowel movements– watery, smelly and black stools, those are signs of colon cleansing or common among people who have liver problem
  9. Phlegm and mucus discharge– Cleansing of the respiration system. Common in asthma and bronchitis patients, more phlegm & mucous will be discharged

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I’m sure when you read all this it sounds quite unbelievable that such product is available and it is not more widely known and available. Just proves that we are only surrounded by those products which the huge pharmaceutical industry exposes us to as they have huge marketing budgets and ways of reaching consumers everywhere.

As I mentioned in my previous entries, Shung Hor is the biggest lingzhi producer and has invested a lot of time and money to research effects of lingzhi on our body. The other reason why lingzhi is not widely available was because it was not easy to cultivate it and it took Shuang Hor a long time to set up the lingzhi hi-tech greenhouses which exist today. Please read further on how to choose the right lingzhi.

Another amazing and very important aspect is that lingzhi is so extremely safe that it can be consumed in very high dosage without any side effects. Which of course can’t be said about medicine which is widely available, as they all have recommended maximum dosage and after long consumption they contribute to many complications in our bodies. Lingzhi is so safe that anybody can consume it, from pregnant ladies, new born babies to elderly people. In fact it is encouraged for pregnant ladies to consume lingzhi as it helps greatly in development of the fetus and reduces risk of babies getting sick later in life. It is proven that ‘lingzhi babies’ have very strong immune system and hardly fall sick.

I will share with you some incredible testimonies about how lingzhi has helped people overcome many diseases and improve their health greatly in my next entry. If you do have any questions about this amazing functional food please feel free to email me.


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  1. Nobody but nobody will say anything about reversing damage. I know you sell this stuff but it is truly amazing to hear someone talking about reversing damage. Our bodies were made to withstand a lot of damage. Amazing! Thanks for the information.

    1. Thanks! The reason why I started selling this was because I saw the amazing benefits it had. It became very natural to want to share this amazing herb with more people. Thanks for the great feedback!

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