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True Meaning of Success

This is a bit off my usual health topics, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately; have we lost our values while climbing to the top. I remember when I first got to Malaysia, almost 18 years ago, everybody was very kind and helpful to each other. You could see people smiling all the time and this sense of rush which is happening now on a daily basis wasn’t consuming people’s lives (I’m referring to KL).

In the last few months as I started looking into the Shuang Hor business, I was pleasantly surprised at how much emphasis they give at becoming a better person and living and working with certain values. Most of the people I met who are involved in this business are very humble and helpful, even if they have already reached the top tear of the business. This re-affirmed a lot of my own values and made me reflect on my life, work, friends and family. I guess our lives are designed in such a way where if you are not constantly running on a ‘treadmill of life’ you will not be able to achieve your goals. In most of the cases the goal is more money, in order to get a better life. Being under employment and constantly pushed by your boss doesn’t help either and having that constant pressure that someone else doesn’t steal your job. Even if you have your own business pressure doesn’t end, it only gets worse because you have a lot more responsibilities.


In Shuang Hor, the emphasis is on Money+Time+Health SIMULTANEOUSLY! Meaning you don’t want to work your whole life, without any time for your family and friends and then end up sick at your old age. Not many conventional jobs or businesses emphasize on this. This wasn’t the reason why I was looking into the business at first, it was rather because I’ve seen how well their products work. Shuang Hor’s star product is of course lingzhi, as you might have read from my previous entries. It has helped my family and me greatly so I decided I want to share ‘my secret’ with others.

I have decided very early in my career that the ‘dog eat dog’ corporate working environment wasn’t for me and quickly exited the workforce. I decided to help out  in family restaurant business so became a boss very early on. This was not fun at the beginning as I had to learn so much in a short time and at the same time deal with the staff and pressure from the customers. I did get a lot of satisfaction from my business as well, and it was never boring that’s for sure. However, I had no time for anything outside of the restaurant, and ended up missing out on a lot of social events. Also, my stress level was extremely high, I even had a few emotional breakdowns due to the stress built up. Later on it did become easier, but still I wasn’t completely at ease. A year ago I decided to change the focus from restaurant business to building a food truck and doing catering. This eased me a bit as the pressure is not as great and it is a more flexible business.

Running my own business for more than 6 years now, I realize there are lots of set backs and it is not as great as many think. Not having much guidance at the beginning left me making lots of mistakes and not being able to focus on a bigger picture. This is another reason why I was grateful to come across Shuang Hor, as there is a system in place and those who have been in this business for a while are ready to guide you along the way. In your conventional employment there is hardly any guidance and you are pretty much left to figure things on your own. Other people just don’t have the time or interest in training you on what is the best way to succeed. At the same time while doing the business, you can help people on the way as you are offering them better health and alternatives to solve their diseases.

There is too much focus on doing things only out of your own interest and the emphasize on helping others has pretty much disappeared in todays society. I really wish we could slow down a bit and look at the bigger picture and the fact that we need to be pro-active in trying to make this world a better place. I always believed it is important for each one of us to do something that we enjoy as you spend most of the hours in a day working. If your job is giving you anxiety, it is time to move on as you will cause health damage to yourself in the long run. We really shouldn’t underestimate what stress does to our bodies and therefore it is important to learn to relax as much as possible. This is something I have improved a lot on this year as I’m more aware on how stress affects me and I have been training myself to relax. Lingzhi and pollen have helped me a lot here as mentally I’m more aware and focused, as well as I’m more relaxed during a stressful situation.

Whether you have already found your true meaning of success or you are still searching, it doesn’t matter as long as you are on a quest to find it. Hopefully on the way there you can keep the moral values and help some people on the way.

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