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Face Reading

Recently I’ve been interested to find out more about what kind of problems you can diagnose by looking at someone’s face. This is an ancient Chinese tradition and it has also been implemented in the Western medicine. However, a lot of it is being neglected and doctors don’t use this technique often enough. Now days, doctors rely on expensive blood tests and scans instead of observing some obvious signs. There are number of signs shown on our face which can help us diagnose some problems before the obvious symptoms show up. This can help prevent the disease from getting worse and you can make sure to provide your body what is depleted of.

Here is a diagram which shows where each organ symptoms show if there is a problem:



Next time you observe your own or someone else’s face you can look for these signs:


  • White of the eyes – if the eyes are yellow it shows serious liver problems
  • Red eyes – sign of dryness, allergy and infection
  • White ring around cornea – cholesterol deposits
  • Fatty deposit on your eyelids – cholesterol, fat not processed properly
  • Swollen under-eyes reflect kidneys unable to work properly, and a retention of fluid from eating too much salt and fatty foods
  • The classic lines between the eyebrows shows your liver working hard to keep up with your lifestyle
  • Droopy eyelids (which doctors call ptosis) and pupils of different sizes (aneisocoria) The condition, which doctors call Horner’s syndrome, is sometimes associated with aneurysms and tumors in the neck.
  • Sunk in eyes – kidney deficiency – not enough water, sleeping late
  • Dark skin around eyes: deteriorating kidney function, likelihood of kidney “stones”


  • Tip of the nose – heart ; discoloration, purple – serious heart problems
  • Someone with a large bulbous nose shows a heart straining against clogged arteries


  • Above the lip – fertility problems, if pale and shallow not enough hormones. If its full and pinkish you can tell the woman is pregnant
  • Women tend to break out under their lower lip when approaching their monthly menstruation or with hormone fluctuations
  • Pale lips – anemia; not ingesting, digesting or absorbing iron


  • Your lungs are connected to your cheeks. If you notice changes on the hollowing of your cheeks, it could be a sign that you’re not breathing properly


  • If you see a line forming on your ear lobe it signifies high blood pressure


  • Pale skin indicates mineral and nutrient deficient, especially iron and chlorophyll
  • Acne – Usually toxic bowels, hormone imbalance, too fatty diet, and impurities in the blood.


Most of these problems happen due to poor lifestyle and diet choices. Not eating enough live foods, meaning fresh fruits and vegetables. Deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals which you are not able to receive only from your diet have a very bad effect on the body in the long run. Therefore if you have seen any of these signs on your face, change your lifestyle and focus on taking the right vitamins and minerals and you might be able to reverse the process before it is too late.


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