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Lingzhi Guru – Dr Chen

This week I had the pleasure to attend a talk by a main researcher and developer of lingzhi in Shuang Hor Group, Dr Chen Deng Hai. Even before heading the Shuang Hor Bio-Tech research team, he was doing his own research on lingzhi and was fascinated with this amazing herb since young. Due to his efforts in Bio-Tech research team, he discovered multiple functions of lingzhi. He continues doing extensive research and testing on how lingzhi helps individual illnesses, specifically cancers and protecting the heart. Dr Chen has also published one of the most detailed books on lingzhi and its uses, Ganoderma – The Ultimate Herbal Medicine.

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I was really excited to hear first hand research findings and latest testimonies of how lingzhi helped cured different diseases. Dr Chen went into some details about his findings in specific cases. It wasn’t easy for him to explain these to the layman as he normally deals with very scientific terms, but he did a very good job on making us all understand the power of lingzhi. First he explained some general information about lingzhi and he emphasized on the fact that it is extremely safe product with absolutely no side effects. According to the research which they have done, even after taking 8 bottles of lingzhi a day for 3 years there were still no side effects evident.

His most accomplished lingzhi product based on his research, YK 2 Lingzhi (Yung Kien Ganoderma 2), which is very high in triterpenoids (one of the most important components in lingzhi) and has been proven to help with many illnesses, such as liver, colon and breast cancer, leaukemia and auto-immune diseases. Dr Chen also highlighted how lingzhi helps liver and kidney protection and regeneration. This is particularly important today as our bodies are bombarded with so many toxins; air pollution, chemicals, antibiotics, radiation, etc. He even quoted one case of kidney dialysis patient who managed to reverse the kidney damage and eventually stopped with dialysis treatments. In this kind of cases, lingzhi is very effective only if the patient hasn’t been on dialysis for too long as the kidneys still have to be somewhat functional. This particular patient took a high dose of lingzhi for 6 months before he could be completely taken off dialysis. He even mentioned one case he came across personally where the patient was in ICU and doctors gave no chance of survival due to many different complications with the heart vessels and twisted brain vessels. Patient’s wife after consulting Dr Chen kept giving her husband few capsules of lingzhi (YK2) every hour while he was in the ICU for days. After 10 days, he was out of the ICU and placed in the normal room in the hospital. He wasn’t able to walk or speak, but he was getting better. After a few years Dr Chen wanted to find out if this patient was alive so he called his wife. To his astonishment, not only was he alive, but he was able to speak to him over the phone.

Another very significant finding he shared was the way lingzhi protects the heart from injury and stops the cells from damage. This is very significant as the heart cells normally take a very long time to regenerate and once the damage is done it is difficult to reverse, without lingzhi treatment. They have also done a specific research to show that lingzhi protects the heart from damage due to ractopamine (additive to promote leanness in animals raised for their meat), found in some of the beef which we consume.

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After Dr Chen, a Shuang Hor distributer of 23 years experience did a speech on his first hand experience on how lingzhi has helped many people. He has brought up a great point about the fact that most of the people do not take care of their health until something serious goes wrong. This is something I have come across many times as well, with younger and elderly family and friends. Most of us think we are very healthy and it is not necessary for us to take care of our health unless we feel sick. However, prevention is always much easier than cure. When we maintain our health and eliminate as many toxins from our body, the less likely it is that we will have some serious problem later in life. Once the disease strikes, it is a long process for us to go back to normal. We are lucky to have knowledge of lingzhi and its ability to help in many serious diseases, but then in those cases the dosage needs to be very high to be effective.

Then it was time for Q&A session for Dr Chen and many people with serious health problems lined up. It was really devastating to hear some of the cases and majority were asking about the lingzhi dosage. For those very serious cases such as cancer and auto-immune disorder, Dr Chen’s answer was always the same; take as high dosage as possible. Around 20-40 YK2 lingzhi capsules, divided into few every hour. Some of the diseases included; ulcerative colitis, joint pain, stuck bowl duct, asthma problems, bowel and lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, brain tumor, heart failure, Thalassemia, breast cancer and Parkinson’s.

After hearing all these findings and listening to the personal testimonies of people with serious health problems, I felt even more important to take care of my health and share the findings with as many people as possible. I know it is impossible for us to completely escape the negative health effects from our daily life, but at least we can do our part to live a healthy life. Food being one of the most important focus of great health as well as taking the right supplements which give us those nutrients which we can’t find in the food alone. As well as something to protect our cells and detox the body from as much toxins as possible. What was very interesting (which I never really paid much attention to before) is when Dr Chen said; “When you buy a new car, please don’t breath in deeply and open all your windows”. There seems to be a lot of chemicals coming out from all those brand new parts inside the car so we need to air it out before using it.


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