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The importance of choosing the right Lingzhi

For those who have been following my previous entries, you know I’m a big believer in Lingzhi and I think it is the true superior herb which can help with majority of health issues in a completely natural way. However it is important to choose the right Lingzhi in order to achieve best results.

What is good Lingzhi?

  • Effectiveness – it has to have high and consistent content of effective components
  • Triterpenoids – the higher % of triterpenoids the better
  • No side effects

Two main elements found in Lingzhi are responsible for its effectiveness: Triterpenoids  and Polysaccharides

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In Asia, Lingzhi has been known for centuries, however not every Lingzhi is effective and some are even poisonous. This is the reason why you must choose the best Lingzhi which has been researched and developed with the highest efficacy and with the best technology.

What makes Shuang Hor Lingzhi effective?

1. Top Grade Species – after number of years of research, Shuang Hor has developed two species of Lingzhi: Ganoderma Lucidum and Ganoderma Tsugae

2. Cultivation Method

The Shuang Hor Group has established a Biotech Research & Development Center, recruited Lingzhi research specialists, and selected superior cultures after trial cultivation on its experimental farm.

These modern steel-frame cottages are equipped with mosquito nets, automatic sprinkler systems, and temperature/humidity controls. Sophisticated equipment and careful management are used to control the growing environment inside the Lingzhi cultivation buildings.

Lingzhi farm has to  be located in a place where there is ample sunlight and the climate is warm and humid throughout the year. Because growing conditions must be painstaking controlled, working personnel require a high level of experience. Shuang Hor scientists have found the exact time necessary to pick harvest the plant when it has the most efficacy.

  • Astro Bag – Lingzhi is cultivated using these astro bags filled with sawdust from pine wood and proteins and minerals
  • Environment – using high-tech green houses to ensure temperature, wind, moisture and air is at the optimal level


3. Processing Method 

Shuang Hor uses the Dual Phase Extraction method to extract triterpenoids and polysaccharides from the raw material. The conditions for the dual-phase extraction are fully computerized in order to achieve a consistent and exacting quality. This is the most advanced high-tech dual-phase technology in existence, which SH has developed through years of research.

In order to convert the liquid extracted into powder form for the capsules, Freeze-dry technology is used in order to quickly freeze the liquid and later it is converted into powder.

This entire process is  not using any chemicals, but only the latest technologies and due to this Shuang Hor Lingzhi has 95-99% efficacy.

4. Third Party Certification

Shuang Hor has been awarded with numerous awards and accreditations


ISO 9001 International Quality Accreditation


Taiwan’s Health Ministry Food Accreditation – Shuang Hor Supreme Ganoderma was separately awarded Immuno-regulatory Health Food Accreditation and Liver Function Food Accreditation


GMP logo

GMP (Good Manufacturing Process)

  • Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Quality
  • Pureness
  • Honesty


Japan Health Food Association This is something Shuang Hor is proud of because it is not easy for a foreign health product to penetrate into the Japanese market.


As you can see Shuang Hor has invested over 21 years of R&D into developing the perfect Lingzhi species in order to give the end user efficient and safe product. Even under very high dosage Lingzhi was proven to work with no side effects. This is why it is safe to take for anyone from infants to elderly. Dosage depends on the health issues of the individuals. For cancer patients it is necessary to significantly increase the dosage to see the results.

There is a lot more research being done by Shuang Hor on Lingzhi and its uses. The focus is now on developing specific Lingzhi products to target specific diseases, particularly cancers. This way there would be an even more efficient product which could target specific cells when it came to fighting cancer.

Of course the best way is still to prevent than to you, this is why I encourage everyone to take Lingzhi as protective measure in order to eliminate the bad cells before they become cancerous.


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