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Lingzhi, “Ultimate Herbal Medicine”

My first introduction with Lingzhi was around three years ago, as my husband fell ill and we couldn’t seem to find the reason or the cure. He was very unfortunate, as he broke his shoulder at the same time he started having fever non-stop for more than a month. Every night he would sweat profoundly and this was very exhausting for him leaving him with no energy during the day. His total immune system was down, so we were going from specialist to specialist to figure out what was going on.You can already imagine how much money we have spent, as in Malaysia you pretty much have to use the private hospital system, and still no results. After doing multiple body scans and blood tests, we ended up seeing a blood specialist to help us find the problem. After a couple of appointments with him, he quickly concluded that my husband is having lymphoma cancer.

Up till that point I was insisting that my husband sees as many doctors and specialists until we find what the problem is. After hearing that word CANCER coming from doctors mouth, we were both in totally shock. Thankfully neither of us believed this was true, but what we found unbelievable was how easy it was for doctor to diagnose this, based on a very few points. This was the point where I completely changed my outlook on modern medicine and private hospitals. I realized then and there it was time for me to find some alternative and natural way to keep healthy and to restore my husbands health. We were lucky to have a family alternative medicine doctor who figured out that my husband was having mononucleosis which is an infectious viral disease. There is no modern medicine used to cure this, basically body is left to fight it off on its own.

What my husband needed was something to strengthen his immune system and repair the damaged liver. At that moment we were very lucky to have been introduced to the miraculous Lingzhi in combination with Pollen, by a friend of ours. My husband started taking these in high dosage, of 12 Lingzhi and 24 Pollen tablets every day for a month. His condition enormously improved and his energy levels increased. After seeing the results I quickly became a loyal consumer of Lingzhi and Pollen and replaced all my vitamin bottles with only these two, all natural health foods.

Without going into too much technical details I want to share some information about this amazing functional health food. Lingzhi has been known for more than 2,000 years as the “ultimate herbal medicine”, in Ancient China the emperors used for longevity. Its ingredients, when extracted the right way, can be used for many purposes and diseases, here are some of those usages:

1. Immune System

  • Reinforces immune defense system by eliminating foreign germs and bacteria
  • Increases natural killer cells to terminate mutated/cancer cells
  • Capable of modulating T-cells function which control immunity. In other words for those with low immune system it increases immunity and lowers immunity when there is over-reaction.
  • Creates antibodies faster than normal when attached to a virus

2. Liver Protection

  • Enhances liver cell regeneration and function by increasing quantity of protein in the liver
  • Protects liver from injury by creating anti-oxidation effect in the liver

3. Detoxifier

  • Detoxes body on the cellular level
  • Eliminates dead cells, repairs sick cells and increases production of healthy cells
  • Neutralizes acidity in the body

4. Hypertension

  • Lingzhi targets the vessels as well as the blood
  • Reduces cholesterol by 20%
  • Increases blood fluidity and decreases the possibility of blood clot formation
  • Restores vascular elasticity by cleaning and reducing deposits on the blood vessel walls

5. Diabetes

  • Eliminates free radicals in order to prolong lifespan of beta cells (responsible for production of insulin)
  • Modulates blood glucose levels

6. Age Retardation

  • Raises the anti-oxidation level of the plasma and increases the ability to clear free radicals
  • Retards brain degeneration, improving memory *
  • Removes pathological factors from the liver

7. Cancer

  • Prevention of cancer cells proliferation by preventing tumor cells from growing new blood vessels
  • Enhances immunity in cancer patients, therefore makes chemotherapy and radiotherapy more bearable.
  • In most cases cancer patients will still have good appetite  and energy levels as well as no signs of hair fall while going through cancer treatments


  • Inhibits virus replication
  • Strengthens immunity


  • Stress Management by creating calming effect
  • Helps eliminate side effects from western medicine
  • Enhances self healing

*I have definitely experienced great improvement in my memory after taking Lingzhi and it is just so much easier to concentrate for me now.

Lingzhi is also famous for being the ‘king of adaptogens’ as it aims to cure by normalizing the bodily functions. Its ability to scan the body and target the problematic areas/illnesses makes it effective in numerous health issues and sicknesses.  For example, it increases low blood pressure and reduces for those with elevated blood pressure. It is highly effective and very safe to use even in high dosage.

Diagram for body health


Of course it is important to choose the right Lingzhi as it has to be of high quality and the extraction has to be done in such a way to ensure its maximum efficacy. I have been using Shuang Hor Lingzhi, which is produced in Taiwan and is one of the most professionally cultivated and processed Lingzhi in the world.  For cultivation they use hi-tech greenhouse farm and for extraction they use highly sophisticated dual phase technology.



Shuang Hor Lingzhi has received numerous accreditations  from third party health bodies, such as Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. From Taiwan government it has received certificate for efficacies, after tests have proven that it:

  • Helps promote the production of antibodies
  • Helps enhance the production of immune cells
  • Helps modulate the function of T cells
  • Helps promote vitality of natural killer cells
  • Helps promote the vitality of phagocytes


I will share more details about individual illnesses and how Lingzhi helps to improve the situation. In the meantime if you have any further questions or product inquiries, please contact me at


Stay healthy,



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