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Beauty is an inside job

There is simply not enough focus being given to the fact that the way we look on the outside merely depends on what is going on inside our bodies, on the cellular level. I have only come to realize this after speaking to a couple of nutritionists as well as friends who have been leading their lives having this in mind.

beauty-awards-opener-400x300Our beauty industry is worth $4 billion and daily we are bombarded with all sorts of products to slap onto our face and body to make us look younger, thinner, whiter, darker, etc. Yes some of these products do work, but many of them are simply marketing tools creating completely false hope. Also there is a lot of chemicals present in most of the commercial beauty products which are not only bad for the environment, but also for our health. What we really need to pay more attention to what is happening inside of our bodies and once that is taken care of and balanced the beauty comes naturally.

“How many of us stop to consider that our outer layer is merely a reflection of inner processes, completely reliant on the health of the 50 trillion cells that you are made of,” Dr Libby Weaver asks, an author and biochemist with a PHD in nutrition

Human Cell
Human Cell

Our body is made up of 50 trillion cells and the health of those cells depends on what we eat, the nutrients which are present or missing from our body as well as our emotional state.


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Our daily diet habits and lifestyle contribute to many cells getting sick and eventually dying. For me being a big food fan, it has always been challenging achieving that right balance in my meals. Somehow I could never get as much vegetables/fruits into my diet to get the right amount of micro nutrients. To be honest I think most of us would not be able to gulp down as much fruits and veggies to satisfy the requirements. Therefore a lot of resort to taking vitamins and minerals created by the pharmaceutical industries. This is not always the right solution as well due to the small percentage of vitamins present and chemical fillers used in making those tablets. This a whole other topic which I will cover in a separate entry.

Here are some signs your body will show when it has lack of certain vitamins and minerals, according to Dr Libby Weaver.


“Brittle hair can mean you are not getting enough vitamin C, particularly if you have split ends,” Weaver says. “If that’s OK then I would look at thyroid function and stress.”

Hair loss or thinning, on the other hand, can relate to a vitamin D deficiency. “It’s surprisingly common so it’s a really good thing to have checked,” she says.

Other areas to look at here are thyroid and adrenal function as well as sex hormone balance.

If you have oily hair, there may not actually be an internal problem, says Weaver.

During her research for the book, she was surprised to learn that people with straight hair are more likely to have oily hair, simply because the oil produced by the sebaceous glands travels straight down, whereas those with curly hair are more likely to have dryness simply because the hair’s structure prevents the oil from travelling as easily.


Soft nails can indicate insufficient protein in your diet. They can also indicate an issue with digestion. “If you like getting your fingernails done, that’s great,” Weaver says. “But if you’re getting acrylics because your nails are soft or peeling, then you need to look at the bigger picture. Why that’s happening needs to be addressed.”

Splitting or peeling nails can relate to a deficiency in essential fatty acids, she says. “Rubbing a little coconut into your nails each day can help as well.”

Spoon nails, where the nail grows over the end of the finger, is a classic sign of iron deficiency, Weaver says. It is also surprisingly common, given some 20 to 30 per cent of women, of menstruating age, suffer from iron deficiency.


Dry skin is incredibly common and air con aside, the are multiple reasons why skin can be dry.

According to Weaver these include dehydration, vitamin deficiencies due to too much processed food, poor essential fatty acid intake, thyroid dysfunction or sex hormone imbalances. “Skincare that doesn’t support the natural function of the skin can also alter the skin’s ability to keep itself nourished and pillowy with nutrients, sebum and water,” she explains.

Facial acne, which is another common problem, is a “fascinating process” Weaver says. “Excess amounts of sex hormones in  the blood can be very stimulating to the sebaceous glands,” she explains. The resulting increase in sebum, which provides food for the bacteria on the skin and also often results in blocked sebum ducts.

She says one internal way to combat acne is to support your liver, because it processes our sex hormones. This means upping your greens – broccoli, kale and brussell sprouts, your amino acids as well as sulphur – egg yolks, garlic, onion and shallots.

“B vitamins, which we get through whole grains, are also useful,” Weaver says. “If you’re on a low carbohydrate diet, you need to be aware that you might not be getting enough and may need to supplement.”

Bacne (acne on the back, but nowhere else), is also often the result of imbalanced sex hormones.

“Normally, it responds really well with stress management – lowering cortisol levels,” she says.

Weaver recommends decreasing processed foods and refined sugars and having more plant foods, again to support liver function.

When it comes to blemishes or spots, where on your face they appear can be revealing depending. Around the jaw line relates to the sex hormones while the cheeks relates to the lungs and can mean the respiratory system needs support.


“When the whites of your eyes are yellow that’s a sign that your liver needs support, as are red, sore and stinging eyes,” Weaver says.

Spots on the eyes can indicate iron deficiency while thinning on the outer third of the eyebrow (assuming you haven’t plucked them within an inch of their lives) can indicate an issue with the thyroid or adrenals.

Our adrenals, liver function and iron levels can also be responsible for dry or puffy eyes.

To help create a healthy, beautiful body Weaver also encourages people to take a look at the way they see themselves.

“Would you believe me if I told you that your experience of your own beauty is dependent on loving yourself,” she asks. “Every human’s greatest fear is that they are not enough, and if they are not enough then they won’t be loved…

“The reason not being loved is our greatest fear, and one we are born with is because without love a human baby dies, as someone has to care for us enough to feed us and provide us with clothing and shelter.”

The problem is that we grow older, many of us subconsciously hold onto this fear that without being loved we won’t survive, so we try to make ourselves more loveable. “Hence the pursuit of beauty,” Weaver says. “But if you are not careful, you may spend your whole life searching externally for love when it is, in fact, internally on offer to you.”

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This is why I was on the lookout for an all natural supplement which can provide all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes necessary for the body. Few years ago a finally came across two of such products and have been using them since. These two all natural and very effective food supplements are Lingzhi and Pollen.

Jreishi2Lingzhi, also known as Ganoderma or Reishi, is a traditional Chinese mushroom consumed for over 2,000 years for its’ medicinal values. There are many benefits of Lingzhi and it can be used to assist in many diseases and I will be covering many of those topics on my blog. In relations to cells and achieving beauty from inside out, lingzhi can assist in the following way:

  • DETOXIFIES CELLS ENVIRONMENT – neutralizes acidity in the body creating a perfect PH environment for the cells to thrive
  • PURIFIES BLOOD – brings out all the waste to get rid of the toxins
  • ANTI-OXIDANT – repairs damaged cells, helps to eliminate dead cells, revitalizes aged cells and regenerates healthy cells
  • ENHANCES LIVER FUNCTION – gets rid of toxins and side effects of drugs
  • RETARDS AGING – it strengthens our organs to keep them young and this reflects on our faces as well

bee_pollen2 Of course we are still missing the nutrients, and those we get from the bee Pollen. It consists of around 200 types of micro nutrients; 16 vitamins, 16 minerals, 21 amino acids, 94 enzymes and coenzymes. Our diet and healthy lifestyle is still very important as well, but to me I can relax a bit more knowing that I’m getting enough of the right nutrients on a daily basis.

I will talk a lot more about each of these amazing supplements, but if you want to read some more interesting facts about bee pollen please click on this link

Lingzhi and Pollen in combination have been keeping me healthy, not only physically, but also mentally. I have gain enormous amount of energy and concentration. Even with my 10 month old daughter, who wakes me up at least a couple of times in the middle of the night, I still manage to have sufficient amount of energy and concentration throughout the day. I can definitely say my life has been transformed after taking these two supplements as I used to be very lethargic and after 5pm I was ready to go to bed how tired I was. My skin condition has improved as my acne  have completely disappeared and my complexion  has become much more radiant.

If you need any additional information about these products please feel free to email me.


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